Board games versus video games

The first board game was made over 4,000 years ago in roughly 177 B.C.
The first video game created was made in October 1958.

Photo Credit: Photo via wikimedia Under Creative Commons License

The first board game was made over 4,000 years ago in roughly 177 B.C. The first video game created was made in October 1958.

By: Elias Meli, reporter

Even though video games can be fun from time to time, board games are overall just a better experience. Sure it can get stressful during a game of Monopoly or Clue but it is one round of pure winning satisfaction better than getting a rare item in a video game.

Why board games are better

Video games need countless sequels to stay relevant but board games are great because when they make new models they don’t change much. For example, the cheaters edition of Monopoly allows players to cheat based on certain terms but the core gameplay is still there.

But for video games, sequels and spinoffs exist which can play nothing like one another. For example, the Mario franchise started as a 2d platformer, then got a racing game, then got a sports game, and then finally 3d platformers. With board games though you can’t take a character and throw it in somewhere else because it just wouldn’t work to play as the blue Sorry piece in Connect4.

I have many fond memories of board games and can distinguish different strategies used to win. I could tell you the good and bad dice rolls I’ve got in Monopoly, the different paths I took in Clue, and the insane plays in Chutes and Ladders. All these games are possible by the dice block.

On the other hand, with video games, I could name more bad than good experiences. Every video game can be very unique or similar to another and it could be hard to get into more than one genre. We use the same controller for each game but different buttons need to be in different places for a game.

A lot more can go on in a game with deep storytelling but I feel games should be used to just relax, rather than how some can be complex and cause stress.

Benefits of video games versus board games

Some people though want a complex story and that’s fine. Options are great to have and seeing your favorite character in a different genre may make the experience more enjoyable.

When it comes to video games, a more arcade-style game is preferred. They are like board games where they are the same style each time but depending on your decision and your opponents, the outcome changes. These kinds of games always start the same but end differently.

Most video games end the same. The journey entails versing foes to defeat the main enemy. Some games can be multiplayer and depending on different things, different outcomes can occur. But usually, there can be a lot going on, and seeing all that on a screen at once in a game like Call of Duty or Fortnite can be hard to keep up with.

What should be done

Board games should be more accessible to people. It gives them a sharper mindset and engages them more with family and friends.

I grew up with them and found that after just a weekend of only board games, my mindset felt sharper. Monopoly showed me money management, Clue helped me think more logically and Uno is just quick fun with family and friends.

During quarantine video games became more popular and board games became less accessible. Due to a lack of physical contact, it was harder to get children engaged at the time. But I feel the next generation should grow up with both board games and video games.

How this affects the future

Board games could help kids who either are coming out of quarantine gain skills in a more interesting way. Video games are still great with friends but when you’re with them, try something else.

We should allow more board games to be accessible to the next generation before video games fully take over.