Fight club is one of the influential books of all time.

Due to the success of the Fight club. The book was given a movie staring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt

Photo Credit: Photo via Chuck Palahnick

Due to the success of the Fight club. The book was given a movie staring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt

By: Dylan Maltez., Reporter

Fight club is one of the most important. Most special Books of all time. It sent a message that people  stick by to this day. The article below. Is my review of  Fight Club

The background

Fight Club was written by Chuck Palahniuk. His first book ever created was a book called Invisible Monsters. The book wasn’t a hit. And Chuck started off struggling. Next Chuck knew he had to make something good and quick. That’s when he created Fight club. The book didn’t get a lot of attention at first. But with it’s quiet success. The book got itself a movie with the same name. Staring Edward Norton,Brad Pitt, and Jared leto. The movie has a great following to this  day. And the movie made the book even more popular.

The plot

The book is about a depressed man who has insomnia. We don’t know the name of the main character. Which is very interesting. The fans of Fight club gave him the name Jack. Jack works a boring office job. Going through the same routine every day. Every day is a copy of the next. Because of his insomnia. He gets no sleep. The only thing that he enjoys. Is buying IKEA furniture. To deal with his issues. Jack goes to group therapy to see people going through real pain. And for whatever reason. This makes Jack sleep like a baby. But one day.

A strange woman walks into the room. And Jack hates her so much. He stops going to these therapy groups. As he’s on his plane for his job. Jack meets a strange person sitting next to him. This person is Tyler Durden. Tyler says that he is a businessman and sells soap. We learn that Tyler is a person who likes to get out there and live life. A complete polar opposite of Jack.

We learn that Jack’s apartment. With all his IKEA furniture is gone. Jack heartbroken by the one thing he truly liked. Decides to call up Tyler Durden. And stays at his place. We learn that Tyler lives a broken house. And is super messy. The next day. Tyler and Jack are in front of a bar.  And That’s when Tyler asks Jack to hit him. Tyler tells Jack “how can you really know yourself, if you’ve never been in a fight.” Jack punches him  and Tyler and Jack have a brawl. Jack and Tyler loved every single part of it. And when two people see him fighting. Lastly that’s when the idea of Fight club came to be. That’s how Fight club kicks off.


First off, the book is really similar to the movie. So the differences between the book and movie aren’t major. Fight club sends a great message about the psyche of men. And sends a message about life. You have Jack. Who’s living life as society makes it out to be. While Tyler Durden is someone who wants to get out and enjoy life because you only live once. Fight Club sends a message about social commentary and consumerist culture. And how feminization effects masculinity. I think overall it sends the message well. And doesn’t send it in a negative way.