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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

How culture positively affects people

Photo Credit: The Declaration Newspaper
Fusion Night seeks to celebrate Colonia High School’s various cultures and embrace our differences. Students show the various fashions from their cultures, some brought food representing their culture and others demonstrated a dance from their culture.

Culture is an important part of our lives and affects how we think, behave, and interact with others. It shapes our beliefs, values, ​​and traditions and plays a huge role in defining who we are as individuals.

Culture and identity

Culture helps create a sense of identity and belonging. Our cultural background shapes our sense of self and helps us identify with a particular group or community. This sense of belonging gives us a sense of security, acceptance, and support. It also helps us connect with others who share similar values ​​and beliefs, building stronger relationships and fostering a sense of community. Culture allows us to celebrate our traditions and customs and pass them down from generation to generation. This preservation of our heritage helps create a sense of connection with our previous generations, allowing us to learn from their experiences and build on their achievements.

Celebrating one’s culture may involve learning a language, eating certain foods, learning particular dances, or wearing appropriate clothes. (Photo Credit: The Declaration newspaper)

Culture and diversity

Culture also plays an important role in promoting diversity. By coming in contact with different cultures and traditions, we can broaden our perspectives and better understand the world and the people around us. Understanding increases empathy and respect for others and helps break down barriers between different communities and groups. Our cultural experiences provide us with unique perspectives that inspire us to think creatively and solve problems in new and innovative ways. Creative thinking is essential for success and growth, it allows us to adapt to changing circumstances and overcome challenges. Victoria Sanchez, a Colonia High School journalism student says, “Through practicing my religion, I have felt more hopeful when overcoming family issues. It has definitely brought me closer to those around me who also attend mass.” 

Culture and society

Finally, culture plays a crucial role in shaping society and influencing social change. Through art, music, and literature, we can share our experiences and ideas, sparking conversation and inspiring change. Cultural movements have the power to challenge social norms, break stereotypes and promote greater equality and justice. In conclusion, culture is an important part of our lives and it affects our identity, heritage, and values. It plays a crucial role in shaping society. That is why it is important that we celebrate and value our cultural heritage while embracing new cultures that might be different from us. By doing this, we can continue to grow both as individuals and as a society.

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How culture positively affects people