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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

“Holidate” is a delightful 2023 rom-com

Emma Roberts staring in Netflix’s new holiday movie.
The holiday movie of the year staring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. Come and watch this funny heart-throb this holiday season.
Photo Credit: Netflix
The holiday movie of the year staring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. Come and watch this funny heart-throb this holiday season.

“The Holidate” is a charming and lighthearted romantic comedy that provides the perfect escape for those seeking a feel-good movie during the holiday season. Directed by John Whitesell and released in 2023, this film tells a delightful story of two individuals who enter into a unique agreement to be each other’s date for every festive occasion throughout the year.

The movie follows the lives of Sloane, played by Emma Roberts, and Jackson, portrayed by Luke Bracey, who have both grown tired of going through the holiday seasons alone. Frustrated with their matchmaking family members and the constant questions about their relationship status, Sloane and Jackson decide to become platonic companions for the holiday festivities that end up falling for one another. This unconventional arrangement provides the foundation for many humorous and heartwarming moments.

Emma Roberts effortlessly conveys Sloane’s humor, vulnerability, and growth throughout the film. Her natural chemistry with co-star Luke Bracey, who portrays Jackson, ensures an engaging and believable relationship dynamic onscreen.

Bracey’s portrayal of Jackson, a commitment-phobic and charismatic character, perfectly complements Roberts’ performance. His charm and wit bring a refreshing energy into the movie, creating captivating chemistry with Roberts. Bracey successfully portrays a complex character, subtly revealing layers of vulnerability beneath Jackson’s seemingly carefree exterior.

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The supporting cast adds depth and comedic relief to the story. Kristin Chenoweth shines in her role as Aunt Susan, Sloane’s quirky and lively relative. Chenoweth’s comedic timing and vibrant personality enhance the humor and lightheartedness of the film. Frances Fisher and Jessica Capshaw deliver strong performances as Sloane’s mother and sister, respectively, both adding additional layers of depth to the family dynamics in the story.

“The Holidate” showcases the ensemble cast’s ability to perfectly balance comedic timing with emotional depth. Through their performances, the actors bring the script to life, elevating what could have been a typical rom-com experience into something memorable.

While “The Holidate” may not break new ground in the rom-com genre, it succeeds in delivering a heartwarming and entertaining experience for viewers. It reminds us of the importance of companionship during the holiday season and the joy that can come from embracing the festivities with someone special.

The only minor critique is that the film occasionally leans too heavily on predictable tropes and formulaic plot points, making it somewhat predictable at times. However, the stellar acting performances outweigh these minor flaws, providing an enjoyable viewing experience.

In conclusion, the exceptional acting in “The Holidate” brings a fresh and enticing energy to this romantic comedy. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey’s captivating performances, supported by a strong ensemble cast, create compelling relationships and memorable characters. Despite occasional predictable moments, the acting prowess elevates the film, making it a delightful addition to the holiday movie lineup.

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Jada Powell
Jada Powell, Editor
Jada Powell is a senior at Colonia High School part of the Varsity Cheer leading team. Powell was a part of the Colonia High School fashion club and recently joined Black Student Union. She has plans on continuing her path with journalism and wants to create her own podcast. Powell wants to have a career as an on screen news reporter. Powell Powell enjoys hanging out with friends, going shopping and collecting vinyls. She has a bubbly personality and enjoys going out meeting and talking to new people. Powell has an interest in government and politics in the United States as well as other countries by watching and reading the news as well as documentaries.

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