Colonia donates jeans to homeless youth


Photo Credit: Alyssa Lage

Samantha Girod and Ms. Alisha Davison pile up the jeans collected for the Teens For Jeans campaign

Colonia High School’s Interact Club participated in Teens for Jeans, a national campaign of the collection of gently worn jeans sponsored by and Aeropostale to donate to homeless shelters in the local community.

Did you know that the one item often requested by young people in a homeless shelter is a pair of jeans? Over the past four years Colonia High has been participating in Teens for Jeans. Last school year, Colonia High School expanded the jean drive beyond just the high school; they held a community wide drop off day, which just so happened to be on the same day as a Saturday basketball game. That day the high school made it so that people could donate a pair of jeans rather than pay to get into the game. However, even with a possible free game admission offer there were an abundant of individuals who came to Colonia High just to drop off jeans to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate. In 2014 Colonia High School collected over 900 pairs of jeans that they were able to donate to homeless shelters. With that being said, even though Colonia only collected about 450 pairs of jeans this year, it was still a huge success.

Special Education English teacher, Mrs. Linda Brennan, noted, “Although we did not hold a community-wide collection day this year, the collection drive at CHS was a success. Hundreds of jeans were donated by students and staff, demonstrating the character of our school. I am NEVER disappointed by the level of commitment exhibited by the Colonia High School community.”

This year Colonia High held a classroom competition between the third block classes to see who could collect the most pairs of jeans. And, of course, Mr. Daniel Hutchinson’s class came in first; collecting a total of almost 100 pairs of jeans. Mr. Hutchinson’s class is almost always the first place winner of the class battles held within Colonia High school. Hutchinson’s class won a pizza party donated by the interact club in thanks for their efforts in making a difference.

English teacher, Miss Alisha Davison added, “ School involvement in the Teens for Jeans fundraiser is a small demonstration of how much character our (CHS) community possess. I believe it is an excellent reflection of the work the Interact Club does all year round.”

Participating in Teens for Jeans gives Colonia high a sense that giving back even in the smallest of ways, can in fact make a huge impact in another persons life who may not have as much. According to The AeroWay (Aeropostale’s Teens for Jeans’s web page), 800,000 pairs of jeans were collected last year throughout the nation. Over 10,000 schools across the United States registered and helps a Teens for Jeans Campaign.

Davison explained, “My personal gain is in seeing the effort that students contribute in helping provide warmth for those in need.”

Brennan stated, “The Interact Club will continue to support Teens for Jeans. Our community service projects are about learning citizenship, responsibility, and compassion. If through our projects we help only one individual, it is a project well worth doing.”

If you or your school want to get involved in this campaign, jeans can be dropped off at any Aeropostale now through February 22, 2015. Since the deadline is fast approaching, schools interested in getting involved next year can register at When you sign up, you will receive facts about homelessness that can be used in your school campaign along with posters. Since this project is powered by Aeropostale, schools with the highest number of jeans collected are eligible for a $10,000 individual student scholarship, funds for your school, and a guest performance. This year’s winning school will have The Vamps perform at their school. Besides these incentives, think of the difference you can make in the community if you got involved too.