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Neeson’s Acting Takes Flight in Non-Stop

The star of Non-Stop, Liam Neeson.

By: Michael Passarelli, Spring Reporter

March 27, 2014

In the action thriller Non-Stop Liam Neeson depicts a U.S. Air Marshal who receives multiple text messages threatening all those on the plane. There is to be ...

Ender’s Game; Playing all the right cards at all the wrong times

Although the book is normally better, in this case the movie is just as good.

By: Richard Dare, Reporter

February 25, 2014

My expectations for Ender’s Game were already high and mounting during my journey to the movie theatre when the film opened. A film with interesting concep...

A Year in Review: Scary Movies

By: Jessica Fleischman, Reporter

January 7, 2014

When it comes to thrills and horror, 2013 contained spine-chilling movies. This year, one of the most popular genres of movies to go see was a horror film. This year 2013 had some of the best horror films; one of the top favorites being Insidious 2. Insidious 2, a sequel to Insidious, is about a husband and wife trying to decode their connection into the spirit world. It...

Frozen is a perfect movie to see this winter

By: Andy Kuchen, Reporter & Media Manager

January 6, 2014

With a combination of comedy, music, and touching moments, Frozen is one of the best movies Disney has made since the early 2000s (excluding Pixar). The animated film will delight audiences no matter their gender or age. Photo Credit: The film, based on the book The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson (who wrote The Little Mermaid for which the mov...

Katniss is captivating on the screen and on paper

By: Paige Walker, Club Reporter

December 8, 2013

On November 22nd, the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, finally came to theaters. On opening weekend, the movie was expected to make about $161.1 million. In the first movie of The Hunger Games, the last scene was of President Snow watching Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) intertwine their fingers and raise up their arms,...

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