How to complete the layered look

With warm breezes and humid temperatures making their sudden departure and frosty winds quickly approaching, the layering of clothing is a necessity when seeking for comfort and warmth.  Trending in the fashion world, a perfectly layered look is an ideal choice for any occasion and is sure to draw the right kind of attention, when followed with these simple steps:

Step 1: Begin with a basic      

A simple sweater or lightweight top is key for starting off a layered look. However, keep in mind that clothing pieces will be added on, so steer away from thick sweaters and pullovers that may cause a distraction from the intended look.

Step 2: Add layer of your choice

With a simple basic, an outfit isn’t even close to completion, and a cozy cardigan or lightweight jacket is a perfect choice for this step when styling. Using different textures is essential; clothing pieces such as flannels, denim jackets and military jackets are perfect for tying the look together.

Step 3:  Add favorite cold weather accessories

Favorites for this time of year: hats, scarves, and gloves are articles of clothing many turn to when out and about on a chilly winter day. Particularly popular this season, beanies and even headbands are ideal, paired with scarves of any design and color.

Step 4: Don’t forget the jewelry

Whether a favorite watch or ring, a simple accessory can make a major difference in an outfit’s appearance and can even add class to an individual’s image.

This time of year is perfect for experimentation and mixing pieces we’d never before imagined as one. Finished off with a snug winter coat, this formula is sure to create an ideal layered look perfect for any occasion in this year’s fall/winter season.