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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

What to take into consideration when shoe shopping

Photo Credit: Tom Murray (with permission)
Restoring sneakers is one of Tom’s favorite side jobs – featured here are his own sneakers

Best shoe brand?

The best shoe brand is arguably Nike.  They mastered innovation, simplicity, and collaborations; leaving a long lasting impression on consumers. Overall, Nike has mastered branding making it stand out more than others. Nike focuses on bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

After some research it’s determined that out of 100 people; more than half the people would rather have Nike shoes than any other brand. Most people agree with each other saying that they prefer Nike because of its’ comfortability and higher quality. This is because Nike ensures that their design provides support and stability, which can help reduce foot and ankle pain.

Nike also has a wider range of athlete endorsements. Nike collaborations consist of Micheal Jordan, Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lebron James. This creates a bigger fan base by aligning itself with the world’s top athletes.

Comfortability or style?

Normally, out of the 100 people, 37.4% of them would rather have shoes that are comfortable. The common reason was that they wouldn’t like the shoe if it was too loose or too tight. Another common reason was that they wouldn’t want their feet to hurt while walking or working.

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Junior, Lily Borek says, “I’d rather have shoes that are more comfortable because even if they’re nice looking, if they hurt my feet I wouldn’t wear them.”

Shoes with breathable materials allow air circulation, preventing moisture. This keeps the feet cooler and dry, which is particularly important in hot conditions.Shoes that bend eases movement, preventing stiffness and restrictions.

People would wanna reduce the risk of developing foot problems like blisters. While looking good is important prioritizing comfort ensures long-term health and minimizes issues. especially for everyday activities, it’s crucial to prioritize comfort.

Shoe shopping online or in-store?

Half the people rather buy shoes online instead of in person because it’s the easiest option. Commonly, online shopping allows people to browse for shoes from the comfort of their homes, without the need to travel. Not only convenient but more varieties. Online retailers often offer a wider selection of shoes with lower prices.

You can also view reviews and recommendations, which can provide insights into the comfort and quality. A benefit to buying shoes in person is the opportunity to try them on before making a purchase. Where online consumers rely on size charts and measurements. In addition, trying shoes in person allows customers to assess comfort in real time.

However, the other half would rather buy shoes in person. This is because trying on shoes in person allows you to evaluate the comfort first hand. instead of relying on online people buying shoes in person also allows shoppers to inspect the quality and materials. Therefore, you can decide whether it fits your wants and needs. There are staff in stores who can also help you get what you want.

Junior, Daniella Albuquerque says, “I would rather buy shoes in person so that I can see how it fits.”

Shopping online for shoes is easier to compare prices. Which permits consumers to quickly compare prices across different stores. Another cool feature is the option that allows them to customize the color of the pair of shoes. ultimately, the main reason people shop online is because of mobility limitations. Which can be difficult if you live in a remote area or have no access to physical stores.

Does type of shoe matter?

The majority of people said that it does matter what you wear during different activities. Sneakers are designed with specific features for certain activities.

One feature is traction. for runners they need shoes that provide grip on pavement, ensuring stability and traction during each stride. Therefore, shoes that does provide such feature is not proper for some activities.

One other feature that is a necessity for Sneakers is durability. Durability of sneakers is of  greatest importance to any shoe. Especially for activities that involve rough terrain or intense physical training. Which is dangerous if you’re not wearing the right shoes. with durability comes with protection. different activities expose our feet to various hazards. Which again is dangerous if you’re not wearing the right shoes.

Buying resold shoes

The majority of people concluded that they would not be interested in resold shoes. Mainly for quality concerns. Resold shoes may already have been worn extensively, leading to wear and tear. This can affect their quality, comfort and performances. If they have been worn extensively the shoe could have been molded to fit their feet.

Resold shoes can also have hygiene-related issues. Resold shoes can have bacteria from the previous owner. potentially leading to foot infections,blisters,calluses and corn.

However, buying resold shoes also has its benefits. As they often come at a fraction of their original price. This makes it more accessible to a range of consumers. Ultimately, allowing more people to participate in fashion and express their style.

The market can also offer unique shoes that aren’t typically available in mainstream stores. This provides an opportunity for people to discover a pair of shoes they haven’t seen yet.

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Jaden Dominguez
Jaden Dominguez, Reporter
Jaden Dominguez is a 16 year old in Junior year at Colonia High School. He is interested in sports such as baseball, basketball and football. He has been playing sports for years now and wants to take it pro.  His hobbies consist of hiking, running,writing , and exercising. He likes hiking because it clears his mind from things that stress him. He runs because it's fun. Writing about his feelings is another hobby because he can go back and read it. He likes exercising because he wants to get bigger and stronger. He knows that exercising will eventually help with his sports and his mental state.

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