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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Winter vest causes debates on whether the features are worth the cost



According to Travel+ Leisure, the Arris Fleece Heated Vest is high-tech heated vest has five pockets with durable, non-snagging zippers, including two with built-in hand warmers. Forbes magazine recommends” the Ororo Lightweight Heated Vest as the best heated vest overall for its high-performance design, easy-to-adjust features and comfortable fit.”

It can take up to four minutes to warm up, which can be really handy because I find myself waiting in the cold a lot. I think most people would enjoy having a heated vest because it’s something that you can constantly rely on.

Even though there is battery usage, the vest is completely washable. I consider wearing non-bulky clothing, so this is fitting for me. This vest is non-bulky, comfortably lightweight, and dries itself in under a minute.

The heating zones are Collar, Left & Right Chest, Abdomen, Upper Back.  However, I’m not fond that my arms aren’t getting warmed, but luckily this vest can be layered with a hoodie or a sleeved-up shirt.

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My favorite feature is that this vest can last up to 16 hours. Within those times, the vest is constantly getting hotter which is valuable because if you get stuck and have to stand in the cold, you would be warmer by the hour.


The first thing that I personally have a problem with is that this vest has a battery. Now, this feature causes no harm but for preference, I wouldn’t like wearing something with a battery attached to it.

Since this vest has a battery, it also has a charger. If you are like me who loses everything, I suggest being very careful where you leave your charger because during the 16 hours anything can happen to it.

This vest had advanced technology, so it’s expected to be expensive. This vest cost roughly around $138. If your cheap like me, this product has to be top notch or it’s going back where it came from.

Is it stylish?

Personally, I believe that everybody can use this without using the heat controls. It’s a little bit fluffy on the outside and has cloth on the inside. There are multiple available sizes. However, there aren’t many styles which is a bummer because it would sell more if there was a variety of colors.

Is it the best clothing to wear if it’s cold out?

Even though this product is good, I personally think that a better alternative is a puffer coat because it’s long which is used to cover your whole body. It is also thick so that the air is less likely to hit your body. However, you can look cooler if you wear a vest with its multiple features. Depending on your situation whether or not you decide to wear the vest, but naturally you can never go wrong with this vest.

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Jaden Dominguez
Jaden Dominguez, Reporter
Jaden Dominguez is a 16 year old in Junior year at Colonia High School. He is interested in sports such as baseball, basketball and football. He has been playing sports for years now and wants to take it pro.  His hobbies consist of hiking, running,writing , and exercising. He likes hiking because it clears his mind from things that stress him. He runs because it's fun. Writing about his feelings is another hobby because he can go back and read it. He likes exercising because he wants to get bigger and stronger. He knows that exercising will eventually help with his sports and his mental state.

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