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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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These Colors are the Highlight of the Season

Photo Credit: Photo via under the Creative Commons License.
Traditional is blah. Why not make a bold statement with your hair? These are some of the hottest trends in hair color today.

The traditional hair colors this season have flown south. This 2015 Fall/Winter featured  hair colors  and hair coloring techniques aren’t just the usual hues and color sprays like honey blonde or auburn and Hot Topic hair color sprays, they have started looking to the craft supply box for inspiration.

Dying your hair has been an easy way to do something different to your hair for years without going more drastic and cutting your hair. Many people take the journey to have a more unique edge and stand out from the crowd by using subtle  or not so subtle tactics like dying your hair. This year’s hair color and sparkling ideas definitely will make you stand out.

If you’re looking for a change this season try one of the new hair color trends. Instead of the usual warm colors that you usually see men and women rocking for this cold season, some of the really popular hair colors right now go for the more cooler tones.

If you have seen a lot of people dying their hair gray you may be a little surprised to say the least. Gray or silver is not looked at as the color your hair turns when you are aging anymore, but now it is just for fashion. A lot of people are trying to incorporate gray/silver into their hair color lately whether it is through highlights, full head, small sections, extensions, or even doing braids with the gray hair extensions.

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Going along with the lighter more cooler hair colors another big hair color or this year is pastel blue. Pastel blue is like a baby blue with a pearlescent white hue accompanying it. Most people usually rock it is in small dosages although some people are more bold and go for the whole head. Although pastel blue is one of the really popular pastel colors it isn’t the only  pastel hair color people are going for. Every bold color can be calmed with a pastel. So every hair color you are too scared to try, try it in pastel for a more toned down but still unique look.

To achieve any of these very light hair colors you have to undergo a very intense hair dying experience. To get the absolute most pigmentation out of the color you are planning to achieve your hair should be bleached to platinum blonde. To bleach your hair you should always go to a professional so your hair is properly bleached so you can cause as little damage as possible. To get your hair to almost white they will use a high volume developer that is still safe enough to use on hair to achieve your base color for dying. After your hair is bleached blonde you will also need to use a toner to take out all yellow tones left in the hair bringing you to the purest of blonde that can be achieved from your natural hair color.

The whole process of dying your hair will be a fun experience when done right. After you achieve your dream color your work is not done. You must still take care of your hair to keep it moisturized and healthy after the stripping of your hair  and its natural oils from the bleaching process. While maintaining the health of your hair you also have to maintain your color which can be done with color protecting shampoos, a good brand to try is Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo which is usually $21. There are many other color protecting shampoos that even have a color tint on it that matches your hair color to keep it looking good longer.

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These Colors are the Highlight of the Season