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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration


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Opinion: The Belt Industry is a Lost Cause

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Rapper Travis Scott sagging while preforming in 2015.

Today belts are a thing of the past … for most men anyway. Sagging is very common today for men of all ages but mostly in teens. Most men sag everything now-a-days  from their jeans to sweatpants and sometimes as far as dress pants, but is this a problem?

Many people are a “complete no” on sagging while some don’t really mind. Personally, I think a little goes a long way when it comes to sagging, while many others may disagree I don’t think a lot of men like their pants so tight fitting so the sagging helps to give them a little leeway. Traditionally, pants were suppose to be worn at your waist which is at your belly button. Although I don’t find sagging as detrimental as others may, I think the line  that should be drawn is when your underclothes are showing, which I think is pushing the fad too far.

The biggest pet peeve of many is when the person sagging is also wearing a belt which is very contradicting but happens a lot since a lot of younger men like to sport name brand belts from brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and MCM. So the belt and the sagging still keeps them on trend for the ideal look today.

The question is when is it considered disrespectful and if you are going to do it at all when are the right or wrong times? I know you could be thinking how could sagging be seen as disrespectful but in the wrong environment it can be. For example, if you sag in the place of business it can not be a good look for the company and is a show of disrespect. Another place sagging is more inappropriate than usual is at formal functions. If you choose to sag I think the best place to do it is in your everyday when no important or formal events are going on and to even then keep it at a minimum.

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Keep in mind those people who have to function near you. Should they be subjected to your Sponge Bob draws while taking a test or are simply trying to learn? At the end of the day, your under clothes are meant to stay under your clothes.

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Mikeala Westbrook
Mikeala Westbrook, Fall Reporter
Mikeala Westbrook sophomore at Colonia High School was born April 7, 2000. Westbrook likes to take on a challenge in every sector of her life. In school she likes taking on harder classes and taking on more chores at home. At home she lives with her mom, brother and sister. Her family of four moved to Avenel in 2013. She was originally born in Queens, New York and not many years later the Westbrook family started a new adventure in New Jersey. Her life wasn’t always easy, over the past few years death has struck her family way too often but has taught her to live life to the fullest and to not take anything for granted. Westbrook hopes to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in fashion design, marketing, and fashion journalism at the FIT campus in New York City. She then hopes to move on and create her own fashion line and maybe even obtain her masters and doctorate degrees.

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Opinion: The Belt Industry is a Lost Cause