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The year’s most popular music

illustration of music background in doodle style
Photo Credit: vectomart – Fotolia
illustration of music background in doodle style

Over the past year music has changed incredibly. The music industry is a non stop growing business that is constantly changing. According to Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen was the most popular song in the United States, by number of on-demand streams. Following Trap Queen was Silento’s, Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae). Also according to, in 2015 Sir Georg Solti received the most Grammy Awards. Over the year favorite music genres changed as well. In 2011 classic rock (‘60s- ‘80s) was the most popular music genre in the United States. The second most popular music was country. In 2012, country became more popular than classic rock. Shows are also popular in the music industry. According to, The member of Glee had more songs on the music charts then the legendary Beatles. Glee had managed to tally up 75, Billboard Hot 100 chart entries, surpassing the 71 chart song titles of the Beatles between 1964 and 1996. Another interesting fact from, Barbra Streisand sold more than 140 million records, more than Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and Pearl Jam combined.

The most popular songs throughout 2015 are chosen by a lot of different music lists shown on different music sites that are trusted by a lot of music lovers to give them information on what is popular. So  many different music sites have different top songs for 2015. The number one song in the United states at the end of 2015 was Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars for the year-end song vote for the Billboard music charts. The same information can vary between other music charts, for example Top40charts has Sorry by Justin Bieber as the top song in 2015. The best song is hard to find throughout the whole year especially songs that could have been really good at the beginning of the year and just died out. Or songs that aren’t as good but are still catchy because they are new and relevant towards the end of the year. All  in all there are a top couple of songs even if they aren’t in the right order. Everyone has their own opinion on what the  real top song of the year should be.

2015 has been a come up year for some new artists, a resurface for some old artists and some singers and rappers going back into the studio. One artist for example, Adele, came back after she gave birth and dropped a single, Hello,  from her new album 25. Everyone loved this song the most and enjoyed in November. Justin Bieber and One Direction came strong this November also with comeback albums on the same day. This caused a bit of a stir between Directioners and Belibers because they both wanted their own day to shine and didn’t feel like sharing with the other. More importantly, Bieber’s album, Purpose,  skyrocketed  with the hit songs, What do you mean?, Sorry, Where are U now?,and many more. One Direction on the other hand had one prominent hit song, Drag me down. This album didn’t get as much recognition as Justin’s but just a little less. New artist Alessia Cara came out with her new hit song Here which received rave reviews from teenagers to their friends and even magazines talking about her. She was on many radio stations and many people even made covers to her song. Some artists that went back to the studio were well known rapper Kanye West, Barbados princess Rihanna and Queen Bee Beyonce. There’s a speculation that albums should be coming in the near future from all three of them.

These songs made such great impact in the music industry and society. Dj Earworm mashup made a collab of all the most popular songs of 2015 that was featured on 50 shades of Pop was just a small thing that a DJ decided to make but it became something pretty big in the end.                                                                                                             

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Tani Popoola, Fall Reporter
Tanitoluwa (Tani) Popoola, a sophomore at Colonia High school, was born on August 17, 2000.  Popoola loves to sleep, eat, and sing the most. She also likes to go shopping but doesn’t always have the money to do so. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to East Orange NJ where she lived until she was two years old when she moved to Avenel, NJ. Both of her parents are pastors at the church  Christian Breakthrough Fellowship International Ministries where her mom also teaches the younger children.When she is not at home, she’s usually at church. At church she is part of a dance team and helps celebrates events and make them memorable she also sings and helps with the engineering department. Every year the youth department goes on a retreat and it is always a great experience. She lives with her parents and two little brothers. Her dad is a dialysis technician and her mom is in school to get a higher license in nursing. Her two little brothers are 12 and 9 and all they do is play video games and go outside. Popoola is very family oriented and has always been. Her family is extremely close even with the relatives from Nigeria. She participates in Colonia’s winter and spring track which is coached by her English teacher Coach Quick. She doesn't any other sports because she's simply just better at running. She's 5'4 and full of energy at all times and her friends call her crazy but its all in love. "Fun size people have so much more fun"- Is her saying and she stands by it firmly!
Mikeala Westbrook, Fall Reporter
Mikeala Westbrook sophomore at Colonia High School was born April 7, 2000. Westbrook likes to take on a challenge in every sector of her life. In school she likes taking on harder classes and taking on more chores at home. At home she lives with her mom, brother and sister. Her family of four moved to Avenel in 2013. She was originally born in Queens, New York and not many years later the Westbrook family started a new adventure in New Jersey. Her life wasn’t always easy, over the past few years death has struck her family way too often but has taught her to live life to the fullest and to not take anything for granted. Westbrook hopes to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in fashion design, marketing, and fashion journalism at the FIT campus in New York City. She then hopes to move on and create her own fashion line and maybe even obtain her masters and doctorate degrees.
Amanda Rivera, Fall Reporter
Amanda Rivera is fifteen years old, and a sophomore in high school, her nationality is Puerto Rican and most people call her Mandiee. She has more of a “glass half-full” kind of personality.She is very short which allows her to move, and sneak around very easily although it is very difficult seeing over tall people in a crowd.Out of high school Rivera hopes to become successful and work in a well paying job. She also enjoys reading and writing. As a freshmen she ran track in Colonia High School as a sprinter,which she hopes to continue to run later on in her high school career . Rivera also has dedicated her time volunteering in a Alphabet Academy which is a daycare center in her town. She enjoyed playing with the children and helping out the staff. Rivera is a very strong and confident person and loves to debate. She hopes to get a job this year, preferably with benefits:). Until then she will continue studying and working hard in school to get good grades.

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