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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Foundation of makeup likes and dislikes

Photo Credit: Tani Popoola
Tani’s infographic on eye makeup

Makeup is what most women think makes them beautiful. Eye makeup is usually a choice and not a lot of women like wearing it. Eye makeup is slowly getting more and more popular in the past year of 2015 and now in 2016. There is so much to choose from, like mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. Doing a poll on it made it more obvious that quite a lot of women wear makeup at all.

Eye makeup has went from flashing colors to neutral or no color, and back to bright, loud colors in 2015. Eye makeup brings attention someone’s eyes and overall makes the makeup look better.

Let’s start from the beginning, most ladies will put on primer, or foundation as a base for the makeup. This will make the eye makeup stay in its place after application and not slide off your face.Next is eye shadow (only if you like it), you can choose whatever color you feel like. Up to 60% of women that took the poll seemed to prefer neutral colors on their eyes rather than bright or dark colors. Eye shadow is a nice touch for your look. If you are going for an evening look, a dark smokey eye would be suggested since it is late at night. But if you are out and about, a nice and soft eye or maybe even no eye makeup except mascara if you are in a rush. Next you can put on some eyeliner and make it look more elegant and classy. This would probably be a full makeup look if you really wanted to go all out.

Eye makeup seems to be more progressive in the past years and the business has grown more and more. More and more celebrities are wearing makeup that enhances their eyes and is even just a statement on their own. Since celebrities usually start some makeup trends, it has been followed by some makeup gurus that are less famous than some of these other women out there that just want a cute makeup look for on the go or even for an elegant party.
Some tips for a good eye makeup look would greatly improve some ladies lives. Tape is a good way to get a perfect and precise cat eye look. You would have to put the tape on before the eye shadow or eyeliner. The tape will make the line on the end, to be perfectly straight and would look a like a perfect cat eye. 50% of women in the poll taken at Colonia High School seemed to like wearing winged eyeliner. So this tip will make it easier to do for the women that don’t really know how.

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Brown eyed girl with long lashes takes a picture of her brows and eye
Photo Credit: photo via
Brown eyed girl with long lashes takes a picture of her brows and eye

Eye makeup shouldn’t be the only part of a makeup routine. Lip color goes along very well to complete a full look. Having a bold lip color with a natural eye or a natural lip with bold eye were the top looks that women in the survey seem to like. The bold lip makes the eye pop more and when someone looks at you, it seems to make the eye look brighter and draws more attention to your face as a whole. On the other hand, the natural lip with bold eye takes a bolder approach to the makeup look. Since the eye is already an outgoing thing, the lip color would tone it down and make the overall look come back to Earth. The bold lip with bold eye is also a choice for some people but sometimes it makes it look too overpowering for the whole look. Freshman Tatiana Arroyo said, “With me personally, I rather wear a dark lipstick with little to no eye makeup because I feel like it would be too much.”

If you would ask a guy how your makeup looks, he might say this, “It looks nice”, and not take one look at your face. But recently in the past year, many more males have been more and more into the makeup and especially with eye makeup. This is how you know it is progressing and beating the odds of “only girls can wear makeup.”  Sophomore Mary Ilelaboye explained, “ I think it’s cool how boys are getting more into it. It makes me feel like the world is getting better and accepting for who they are.”

Eye makeup is an art that some people master and others may not in a lifetime. You can do so many things with eye makeup that you can’t necessarily do with other types of makeup ( unless it’s costume make up).  Some people use it as an expression of their feelings or they might just do it for fun. Either way, it is a great way to show your real personality.

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About the Contributor
Tani Popoola
Tani Popoola, Fall Reporter
Tanitoluwa (Tani) Popoola, a sophomore at Colonia High school, was born on August 17, 2000.  Popoola loves to sleep, eat, and sing the most. She also likes to go shopping but doesn’t always have the money to do so. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to East Orange NJ where she lived until she was two years old when she moved to Avenel, NJ. Both of her parents are pastors at the church  Christian Breakthrough Fellowship International Ministries where her mom also teaches the younger children.When she is not at home, she’s usually at church. At church she is part of a dance team and helps celebrates events and make them memorable she also sings and helps with the engineering department. Every year the youth department goes on a retreat and it is always a great experience. She lives with her parents and two little brothers. Her dad is a dialysis technician and her mom is in school to get a higher license in nursing. Her two little brothers are 12 and 9 and all they do is play video games and go outside. Popoola is very family oriented and has always been. Her family is extremely close even with the relatives from Nigeria. She participates in Colonia’s winter and spring track which is coached by her English teacher Coach Quick. She doesn't any other sports because she's simply just better at running. She's 5'4 and full of energy at all times and her friends call her crazy but its all in love. "Fun size people have so much more fun"- Is her saying and she stands by it firmly!

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Foundation of makeup likes and dislikes