Dress for success on the days of exams

Finals are here for the 1st semester. Those two simple words, Final Exams, can be sure to send shivers down your spine, with the stresses of exams nearing their approach. With studies occupying your every thought, looking presentable may be the last thought to cross your mind. Here are just a few of the simple steps to keeping yourself on track for those very stressful days of studies:

1. Beauty: Get enough sleep.

It’s typical for teenagers to forget how essential it is to get at least eight hours of rest every night. Not only does it make focusing easier, it allows for a healthier, more vibrant complexion. However, if you find it impossible to rest, simply covering dark circles or applying a light tinted moisturizer is ideal when struggling to find time for a full makeup routine. When combined with mascara or possibly a lip stain, your natural look is sure to keep you looking refreshed and rested throughout the day.

2. Fashion: Dress Comfortable

Finals week calls for casual and comfy clothing. Most commonly, leggings are easy to slip into and can steer you away from looking sloppy. When paired with an oversized sweater or slouchy tee, they provide just the right amount of luxury you need to ace your challenging exams while still appearing presentable.

Most importantly of all, REMEMBER TO BREATHE. Think positive thoughts and know your hard work will soon pay off. Good luck on your exams!