An epic year filled with epic TV shows


A group of kids discovering the mysteries of their town while trying to find their best friend

By: Kelli Mulrooney, Fall Reporters

We can all agree that 2016 was a roller coaster ride. Between the deaths, the music, the Olympics, and even the Presidential Election we all had our fair share of some craziness.

Watching TV is a normal thing people do to relax after a long day.This year had a couple of TV shows that people obviously liked and disliked.

Two TV shows that I’ve watched that were pretty amazing this year were a Netflix Original,  Stranger Things and This is Us. Beginning with Stranger Things, it was a thrilling sci-fi. It’s plot is a little different than others. For instance, it starts off in 1983 where Joyce Byers’ (Winona Ryder) son goes missing. The whole eight episodes of the first season has to deal with her son, Will’s friends, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas played by young stars trying to find Will. Going on their path of searching for Will, supernatural events start occurring in this small Indiana town.

Next, This is Us is also a unique type of show. It’s more realistic and appealing to young adults. It’s debut premiered on  televisions all across the United States on September 20th, 2016. The show has a very large cast with many different stories and situations going on between these characters. Each character has their own different, special story. In the end, they all somehow find each other because they all share the same birthday.

Despite good TV shows, every year there is always shows that aren’t really the best. Other shows simply didn’t have a good season. Grey’s Anatomy was one of these shows this year.

The original plot of the show was great. It consisted of several Seattle surgeons who just made it into this great intern program and want to make it big. The show has evolved with the characters moving up in the hospital. They’ve become more mature and really start to start their lives as surgeons.

Sadly, Season 13 was not the same as what it used to be. The plot has changed in my opinion dramatically. It focuses on stuff that doesn’t really matter. Also, the cast has changed too. I loved the old cast and now all these people are in it that just create unnecessary drama. Overall, when characters leave, the plot changes too and I feel like that’s why I didn’t like this past season of Grey’s Anatomy.

In conclusion, we all love watching TV, and in 2016 we saw the good and the bad of television.