Island Sun Tanning: your prom necessities all in one day, at one place


Photo Credit: Maria Barzallo

By: Kristen Nater, Spring reporter

Do you enjoy tanning? What about having your hair and makeup done? Yes? What if I told you, that you can go to one place to get all three done in the same day!? No way! Yes, you read that correctly. Head over to Island Sun Tanning in Edison, NJ for your prom or cotillion hair, makeup and tanning necessities! All you need to do is book an appointment for the date of your prom, and a convenient time for you will be placed under your name! Maria has a wonderful staff and is beyond talented herself. She is always willing to help out and will have you looking flawless when you leave the salon!

Maria Barzallo is the owner of Island Sun Tanning and it is obvious that she is passionate. Every year, Maria accepts her invite to the prom fashion show at Colonia High and is always giving away free packages for spray tans and other awesome things! When visiting Island Sun Tanning, you will be given the opportunity to invest in a tanning package offered in levels one through five, as well as a time period that you would like to tan for. Maria will set up your package and you will be able to walk in without an appointment and whenever you want, for the ultimate body bronze! As for makeup and hair, appointment is usually required. But don’t worry, this three in one salon is very flexible when it comes to your availability.

Several people in Colonia High love making their appointments with Island Sun! Also, for your information, prom and cotillions aren’t the only formal events Maria and her staff are willing to pamper your for! She also does wedding makeup and hair for any other event that you may be attending. Regardless of where you may be going, you’ll walk out satisfied. The salon is newly renovated and very clean. You’ll walk into this place to recognize beautiful white chairs and a comfortable, and homey waiting area where parents like to wait and watch their child get their hair or makeup done, as well as clients waiting for their room to be cleaned before a great tan.

Maria also has several tanning lotions for you to purchase to make your tan even more glowing and beautiful! Island Sun Tanning is very popular in the Colonia, Woodbridge and Edison area and highly recommended by multiple clients. However, although Island Sun Tanning has great deals on some things, the tanning packages can be a bit pricey, but that only means you are more guaranteed to be satisfied with your tanning, being that Maria always wants to make sure her clients are happy by providing the best and the safest materials. Speaking of deals, the Island Sun Tanning salon also offers five dollar tanning Tuesdays!

Walk in anytime from 10:30am- 9pm on Tuesdays and choose between lay down and stand up tanning for just five dollars, full time! This salon provides great care to you and anyone you may invite in, and is highly recommended to anyone getting their prom hair and makeup done.