Netflix vs. HuluPlus – Which is the One to Watch?


Photo Credit: Brianna Kelly

With both costing consumers $7.99 per month, the debate continues over which is better, Netflix or Hulu Plus.

These days, people aren’t only sticking to TVs to watch movies or episodes of shows. Now, all anyone needs to watch their favorite shows or movies is access to a phone and the internet.

Netflix and HuluPlus are Instant Streaming Services that are becoming more popular with people over the years. When Netflix originally started in 1997, they originally just delivered movies in the mail to users instead of instant streaming, which is what they’re known for now. When HuluPlus launched in 2007, it contained absolutely no video content until they began beta testing a few months later. Now, they are both well-known instant streaming services used in many countries around the world today.

Many give Netflix the thumbs up, where others are loyal to Hulu Plus. Many give Netflix the thumbs up, where others are loyal to Hulu Plus.

Although Netflix has been around longer than HuluPlus and has over 37 million more subscribers, they both have qualities that draw users to them and make people question– which one is actually worth their money?

Users may find themselves being conflicted over the issue that HuluPlus puts out episodes of popular shows right after they air compared to Netflix that provides entire seasons in conjunction with the show’s DVD release. They may even find themselves questioning if the amount of indie films on Netflix outweighs the amount of TV shows on HuluPlus. For more statistics on Netflix visit .

As of 2012, HuluPlus had only about 3,000,000 subscribers, but is that slim number a huge difference from Netflix? If you do subscribe to HuluPlus, you may not have to pay for large cable packages if all the shows you watch are available at your fingertips for only $7.99 a month. Though they may not have every season or episodes from only two weeks ago, if an episode aired the night before for a show like Pretty Little Liars, it would be up in a day on HuluPlus. That is what draws most people to subscribe to HuluPlus.

When subscribing to Netflix, users often find themselves watching shows and movies they may have never otherwise watched or have ever even heard of before. There is quality content being watched every day by Netflix users, and it shows when 61% of users have TV show marathons every few weeks, according to

“Netflix has all my favorite movies so it is definitely worth the money.””

— Andrew Brady

With Netflix, there are a few choices that you can make for how you wish to watch your TV episodes or movies. For instance, you can sign up to get DVDs sent in the mail, or you can sign up for instant streaming and watch on whatever device you choose. In most cases, there are shows and movies that may only be available to either the streaming or the DVDs.

Before even subscribing to Netflix, you can sign up for a one month free trial. For HuluPlus, you can do the same, but it’s only for one week. Although, HuluPlus does allow you to send a link to friends and for each one that signs up, you each get two weeks free.

You can use both Netflix and HuluPlus as long as you have access to a phone, computer, Wii, or any other device that has internet access on it, and a payment of $7.99 a month. Also, parents of young children have the option to only allow their child to see kid appropriate shows and movies by clicking on the kid option when you first log onto either site.

Netflix and HuluPlus have options for any kind of viewer. Netflix has 80’s movies such as The Breakfast Club and recent shows like The Following while Hulu Plus has new episodes of recent shows like New Girl and movies such as West Side Story.

Though Netflix and HuluPlus are two different services, they both make it easier for people to entertain themselves. The only difference that there seems to be is the availability of quality and popular movies and TV shows.