Revolutionizing the Eyebrow Industry with the Brow Stamp


Photo Credit: Photo Via Max Pixel Under Creative Commons License

Representing the defined brow trend this model uses a brow stamp to achieve her look.

By: Alyssa Salvato, Class Writer

A few years ago the three second Brow Stamp by kiss has come into the spotlight.  From online to in stores this product is here to cover sparse areas or get perfect, natural looking eyebrows.

The irony of the three second brow stamp is that there is only three steps. When you get the package there are a few things you will find. On top is a left and right brow stamp along with the brow powder. There limited options to select when it comes to  shaped and color. There are two types of stamps, high and low arch and three shades of powder, light, dark brown and grey. Begin by moisturizing your skin with primer, concealer, and or foundation. Then you will pick a pigment and pat the sponge onto it until fully coated. Last place the stamp at the brow bone to determine where to position it. Gently place the stamp and adjust if needed. The harder you press on the stamp the darker the eyebrow, but it will blends with a clean spoolie.

This product guarantees many things. This includes that the powder won’t smudge if you sweat or get water on it. Also, all your eyebrow problems are supposed to be solved, it is quick and easy, long wearing, and very natural. Jaimie Holden, a junior at Colonia High School said, “ I look for efficiency when purchasing products and I prefer sharp clean brows.”

According to Allure, to put it to the test beauty gurus all over have been testing these products and for a while it was everywhere, but has recently died down.  “ When I look for an eyebrow product I look for brown so my eyebrows could be seen since my hair is so light and also something easy to use and cheap but good,” said Haley Vaughn, a senior at Colonia High School, “ I don’t really have an opinion on these stamps, but I would make way more shapes and colors that way it fits everyone’s eyebrow shape.”

The product is inexpensive depending on where you purchase it from. Though you can also make your own at home, that way you know for sure it will match your eyebrow. There are two styles, one is cardstock and the other is closer to the brow stamp look.

For both begin with a ruler to find out the measurements of your eyebrow from arch to length and width. Now with a marker dot the measurements on cardstock or a flat makeup sponge, be sure to make two. Now if you have the cardstock all you have to do is apply a powder that matches your eyebrows on it and follow the instructions as above. If you used the sponge cut out an oval shape from a plastic lid that will overlap the sponge. Hot glue it to the sponge and your eyebrow stamp is officially complete. This craft is completely up to what will be easiest and suit you best.

Test it out for yourself and make the decision from there!