Five fashion essentials all guys should follow


Photo Credit: DeAndre Oglesby

Here are five clothing essentials every guy should follow.

By: DeAndre Oglesby, Fall Editor and Reporter

Building a good outfit can be a challenge. Especially for non-fashion oriented guys. So here are five pieces of clothing that are essential for every guy’s closet.

Tip #1: Invest in Chelsea Boots and or Loafers

Wearing the same pair of sneakers every day is boring. Instead of wearing Nike’s or Vans all the time, invest in a pair of Chelsea boots or loafers. You should wear Chelsea boots during the fall and winter due to their heavier material. In warm weather, you need to let your feet breathe. This goes for loafers as well but in reverse. It would be better to wear loafers during the spring and fall due to the lightweight material. In the winter and fall months, you need to bundle up so your feet aren’t cold.

The good thing about these two fabulous pieces of footwear is that they’re incredibly versatile. You can wear them with almost any outfit and you still be incredibly stylish. You can sport loafers and Chelsea boots in both a formal attire and casual attire. So whether it be at a wedding, or at school, you can always count on a pair of loafers or Chelsea boots.

For a quality pair of Chelsea boots, you’ll have to fork over at least a hundred dollars or more. Furthermore, on Amazon, loafers will typically cost you between $30.00 to $90.00 depending on the quality.

Tip #2: Wear flannel

Flannel clothing will never go out of style. Which is why everyone, even all the ladies out there, should have several flannel shirts. Flannel shirts come in a plethora of colors. From white, blue, to red, and much more. This makes flannel one of the most versatile pieces ever.

Additionally, flannel can spice up almost any outfit. Instead of just wearing a boring, plain white t-shirt and jeans, add in some flannel. It’ll add some color to the outfit, and you’ll come off as much more stylish. However, you should only wear flannel to casual events. So don’t wear black flannel to a funeral anytime soon. 

On Amazon, a flannel jacket and or shirt will cost $20.00 to $50.00.

Tip #3: Buy bomber jackets

In recent years, the bomber jacket has become a fashion staple. In most high schools, you’ll find that at least several people own bomber jackets. If you don’t have one of these stylish jackets in your closet, you’re really missing out.

Like flannel, bombers can enhance any outfit. Like for example, a simple white hoodie and denim jeans are fine. However, if you add let’s say a red bomber, the outfit will look a thousand times better! Now obviously if you’re going to wear a bomber jacket over a hoodie, you need to make sure the hoodie is light. If you’re wearing a thick hoodie and put a bomber over that, you’ll become very uncomfortable and very sweaty.

Most bombers are at least $20.00 to $50.00, which is quite the steal. So make sure you pick up a bomber jacket as soon as possible.

Tip #4: Purchase chinos

If you don’t own a pair of chino pants, you need to reevaluate all of your past discussions in life. Chinos are a type of pants that are made from a lightweight cotton blend fabric. Or in layman’s terms: they’re incredibly comfortable! Additionally, chinos come in a plethora of different colors. From olive green to navy blue, to burgundy, to even baby pink. To add on to that, chinos can be worth casually and formally.

So you can go from hanging out at the mall to a job interview while still looking fashionable. However, if you’re going to a formal event, wear chinos that aren’t gaudy in color. Wear a color that’s modest such as black, brown, white, or navy blue.

If you scroll through Amazon, you’ll find that chinos are relatively affordable. At most, you’ll be paying up to thirty bucks.

Tip #5: Accessorize   

Following these tips may enhance your wardrobe. However, there’s something that can tie your entire outfit even better. Accessories are an astounding way to spice up an outfit. Accessories include things like glasses, backpacks, bracelets, belts, etc. Now accessories is a very broad category. So here are a couple of accessories that are absolutely essential.

Wristwatches are a definite must. A wristwatch will make you look fashionable, professional, and more sophisticated. However, don’t go out and buy one of those bulky digital watches. Buy yourself an authentic, minimalist watch that has hands. Besides, you should know how to read an actual watch.

However, if you’re not really into watches, a bracelet is another option. Despite what you might think, men can wear bracelets too. If you look up men’s bracelets on Amazon, you can find a wide variety of bracelets. Some are leather, some are metal, and some have cool designs like anchors, crosses, or lions. And the best part is, they’re not too pricey.

Belts are another essential accessory every man should have. You should typically wear belts in a more formal setting such as a first date or an interview. Leather belts are especially formal so it’s better to wear those. However, if you’re going for a more casual look, a web fabric belt is definitely something you want to invest in. They’re not as expensive as leather belts, and they’re very easy to put on and adjust. 

Most belts or other accessories (depending on the quality) won’t cost you more than $30.00 to $40.00.