Makeup Trends Born Throughout 2017

By: Alyssa Salvato, Fall reporter

The year 2017 is coming to an end very quickly. It was the year full of ups and downs for experimental makeup trends. As everyone rings in the New Year it is good to reflect on everything that came to be in 2017.


Brows were a major staple of the year. Feather brows introduced by Stella Sironen, Finnish Make Up Artist (MUA) was a joke at first, though that didn’t stop anyone from trying it. The brow is split down the middle throughout the whole brow or just the arch. To achieve this look Sironen used a glue stick over her natural brows and then later used a pomade as well to have a bolder and more defined look. Later in the year a new brow trend known as wavy brows emerged. Jessica Brodersen, MUA had created a makeup look with a thick eyebrow and wavy arch. This trend received a ton of attention and soon everyone was recreating it. Though not all stayed true to the makeup and photoshopped their look to make fun. To create the look any brow product can be used and to get precise waves it is best to clean up with concealer or a makeup remover wipe. 


A new trend by Pat McGrath, British MUA is glossy lids where a person applies eyeshadow on their eyelids and then adds a glossy layer on top. To recreate the look it it is best to use eye gloss retailing for about $20 and up, but many just use clear lip gloss as a cheaper alternative. Then once the shade it picked using a sponge or your finger will give the best results. Though not everyone is in support of this look do to the fact that it makes the eyelids sticky.

Full Face

For the full face many have started a faux freckles trend. To give their faux freckles a natural look they recommend using eyeliner, eyeshadow, or brow pencils to make scarce dots around the selected area and then smudge. This has now become a hit at fashion shows, music festivals, and just everyday looks. It has even gone to the next level with glitter, gems, or bright colors. Some people with natural freckles aren’t fully okay with  this going on. Not everyone feels comfortable with their freckles because to them it is an imperfection. They don’t get to choose where it goes or whether they have them. So for others to do it for fun is upsetting.


In order for a completed makeup look you can never forget the lips. MAC Cosmetics started debuting lollipop lips on models during fashion shows. Lollipop lips is lipstick smudged on the outside of the lips. It is a little confusing though to be called lollipop lips because no one would go and wipe a lollipop around their lips. People have compared this trend to rashes or bad makeup application.

Some of the 2017 makeup trends were definitely bizarre and out there, but at the same time they were popular. Each year their are new trends that confuse many and no one can wait to see what new ones arise in 2018.