Colonia Girls’ Varsity Basketball faces tough lost against Sayreville


Photo Credit: Jada Davis

Girl’s Varsity Basketball brings it all during this match

By: Jada Davis, Senior Opinion Editor

On December 21st, 2017, Colonia High School’s girl’s varsity team lost to Sayreville High School, 21-49.

Right from the beginning of the first quarter, Sayreville played roughly. Within the first minute, one of Sayreville’s players elbowed junior athlete Amaya Martinez, which resulted in no penalty. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 3-9. Sayreville has started off the game with a 6-point lead.

The second quarter was tough for Colonia’s Lady Patriots. Sayreville’s team was playing rougher than they were in the first quarter. Colonia’s team score four points, and Sayreville went up nineteen points, which left the score of the first half to be 7-28. Alexis Banko, point guard for CHS says that during this quarter, the team “did better than they did during the first quarter, but we needed to work on our defense.”

At the start of the third quarter, Sayreville’s point guard started the game while Colonia’s did not. However, Colonia stepped up this quarter and scored 5 points. The final score of this quarter was 12-36.

The fourth quarter was intense, and Colonia started stronger than ever. They quickly got themselves up four more points, but Sayreville scored an additional five points. At the final two minutes of the entire game, Sayreville’s score was 25 points higher than Colonia’s. The game ended with the final score being 21-49.

Mark Mentzel, Coach of Colonia’s girl Varsity Basketball says that “This lost will 100% affect the rest of our season.” However, since this is one of the earlier games in their season, they have time to recover.