Love Simon- An Inspirational Movie To Remember

The Love Simon cast of Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Jorge Lendeborg, and Alexandra Shipp poses for the camera.

Photo Credit: Photo via wikimedia under creative commons license

The Love Simon cast of Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Jorge Lendeborg, and Alexandra Shipp poses for the camera.

By: Arianna Hernandez, Spring Reporter

Love, Simon focuses on a high school senior named Simon Spier, played by Nick Robinson, who finds the courage to come out as gay with the help of an anonymous friend online named ‘Blue.’  Simon feared that his life could change with his news.

As a result, a fellow student uses Simon’s e-mails with Blue as black mail to score a date with Simon’s friend, Abby, played by Alexandra Shipp. This causes a series of events which encourages Simon to come out.

Simon shows the challenges that come along with being a gay teenager. He shows just how much strength it takes to truly be yourself. Furthermore, one of my favorite lines of the movie was when Simon said, “Why is straight the default?”

This was a movie that was well needed in support of the LGBT+ community. This movie was based of the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. According to IMDb, in the US the movie has grossed $37,958,374 since it opened on March 18.


Love, Simon was funny, heartfelt, and real. This young adult romance movie truly warms the heart. Love, Simon is a movie to remember because it was very inspirational.

As the movie played, you could hear the audience laugh and cry.  It was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Greg Berlanti did a great job directing this film along with the amazing cast that included Katherine Langford, Miles Heizer who are also know for their role in Thirteen Reasons Why. Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner were also apart of the cast.

Love, Simon is like any old teenage rom-com, except for that fact that it focuses on a gay teen. It’s a beautiful film that has and will make people tear up.  But along with the tears that were shed there were also moments of laughter that really make this movie special.

Although Love, Simon is rated PG-13, it is a great movie for people of all ages to see considering today’s society.

Simon Spier has obviously won the hearts of many and therefore has inspired many teens and young adults. This movie was one of Nick Robinson’s biggest roles. In addition Nick also played the male lead in Everything Everything. From what I’ve seen Nick has really brought Simon to life. Therefore I don’t know what it is about this movie, but it has won over my heart. This film was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.