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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Neeson’s Acting Takes Flight in Non-Stop

The star of Non-Stop, Liam Neeson.
Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License
The star of Non-Stop, Liam Neeson.

In the action thriller Non-Stop Liam Neeson depicts a U.S. Air Marshal who receives multiple text messages threatening all those on the plane. There is to be one person killed every 20 minutes until a sum of money, $150 million, is transferred to an off shore bank account. However, Neeson must jump through various hurdles during this conflict that makes his job so much harder.

Non-Stop did not seem to live up to Neeson’s other top movies such as the Taken Series, or Schindler’s List. However it was still fun to watch and good for the “last minute” Friday night plans with your friends.

There are many elements of the movie that have you on the edge of your seat, but there are also many others that have you scratching your head and wondering how accurate that can be in comparison to real world situations.

It especially seemed to me that the way Neeson’s character handles the various situations would cause too much panic on board the aircraft and as if this would not be the protocol for real terroristic encounters.

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The movie however does a great job of keeping the audience interested in the movie. In the beginning of the movie, and throughout various parts of the movie they show different people who look suspicious, making you wonder if this is the man or woman that is responsible for the texts Neeson receives.

The director makes it feel as if you are a part of the movie and you have to help Liam Neeson discover the criminal. While watching the film I found myself making mental notes to certain characters thinking, “No, it’s not her.” or “Hmmm, he looks suspicious, let’s keep an eye on him.”

As well as keeping your attention, the movie has different plot twists that you will never see coming. There are some characters in the movie that some may think should take credit as the hero, but as their role is uncovered you may change your mind.

As the lead in the movie, Liam Neeson is a very good choice. He portrays a man still mourning over the death of his daughter years after the tragedy.

Along with his personal struggles, Neeson’s character must discover who the terrorists are aboard the trans-Atlantic flight and save the lives of everybody on board. And add the challenge of someone being killed every twenty minutes.

Overall, aside from the few unrealistic scenes, Non-Stop is a very entertaining movie and I personally would recommend it. For those who enjoy mystery and action movies you will enjoy this film.

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Michael Passarelli
Michael Passarelli, Fall Reporter/Editor
Michael Passarelli is 18 years old and a senior at Colonia High School. He is involved with numerous clubs at the school including Marching Band, Jazz Band, and was involved with the Directors Showcase for the theatre program during the fall semester. In the band he plays bass guitar and trumpet and during the 2014 season of Marching Band he was in percussion, and in the 2015 season he played bass guitar for the pit. Passarelli plans to eventually start a career in law enforcement although he has already acquired many skills and is very interested in possibly pursuing a career in construction. He plans to major in Business Management in college.

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Neeson’s Acting Takes Flight in Non-Stop