Netflix new movie ” The Princess Switch” won’t hit classic status

Photo via Netflix Films under Creative Commons License

Photo via Netflix Films under Creative Commons License

By: Sasha Chiriboga, Reporter

On November 16, 2018 Netflix released a Christmas movie named The Princess Switch but it didn’t give viewers the Christmas feels.


This movie is a romantic comedy about Stacy, who owns a little bakery in Chicago. When her friend Kevin secretly enters her in a Royal Baking Competition, she has the opportunity to compete in Belgravia. Stacy was doubtful on whether or not she wanted to go after receiving the news that she was accepted. Stacy was getting over a bad breakup and has never been the one to do something spontaneous. Deciding to go to Belgravia so suddenly was new territory.

While in Belgravia, Stacy comes across a stranger who looks identical to her. This stranger just so happens to be the duchess Margaret Delacourt, who asks for a strange request from Stacy. The duchess was getting married to the Prince of Belgravia just wanted one more chance at seeing how Belgravia was for the normal day to day person. Wanting one last chance for herself to experience normality before getting married into royalty. Stacy agrees to switching lives because she would love to experience being treated like royalty. While living each others lives, will they fall in love?


Vanessa Hudgens plays the main role in this movie; playing both the part of Stacy and the Duchess. Hudgens had to learn twice the lines and the role of the duchess required her to speak with an accent. Besides it already being challenging, Hudgens just wasn’t able to execute the accent. We already knew it was a fake accent but the way it sounded just didn’t help at all.

This movie wasn’t terrible it had some good scenes, but the ending was very predictable and cliche. While having switched they fall in love with each other’s friends, and Stacy gets to live with the Prince and the Duchess goes with Kevin and lives the normal life shes always wanted. Sometimes people like to have endings that keep you wondering and aren’t like every other movie where everyone is happy and gets what they want. It also¬†had no climax and the most interesting part of the movie happened near the end of the movie. When Kevin and the prince find out they switched lives they have no reaction. There was nothing in more than half of the movie to captivate the audience and make them want too continue watching.

The acting in general throughout the movie also just felt very forced. In the movie no one really seemed to be truly in their role. It was dramatic at times when nothing serious was actually happening. Hudgens also seems very out of place in this particular movie. Hudgens is will known for playing Gabriella Montez in “High School Musical,” and after all these years she manages to leave a good impression on the audience. Sadly, the role she played, script, and plot of the story did no justice to her acting career. Overall this movie just didn’t live up to the expectations that I believed it would.

I would give this movie one present out five because it is equivalent to getting socks in your stocking.