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The Book Thief Review

The front cover of the novel, The Book Thief.

By: Angelina Wintonick, Sports Editor

May 5, 2019

Over Spring Break, I had the chance to re-read a 2005 best-seller, The Book Thief, about the tragic Nazi Holocaust. I had first read this book a few years ago when I had...

La La Land is a romantic classic of this century

Photo via IMDb under the Creative Commons License

By: Hillary Wolanski, Reporter

April 17, 2019

La La Land was released on December 9, 2016 to all movie theaters. I believe that this movie is beyond all others and will inspire you to want to get u...

OK Dumbledore is gay, now what?

Due to this claim that Rowling made many fans are furious and refuse to watch the movies to support her claims.

By: Kelly Branco, Art & Music Editor

April 17, 2019

On March 19 a new meme was circulating around the internet and it spawned off of a J.K. Rowling interview. This interview also sparked lots of backlash towar...

The netflix movie that broke records, Bird Box

Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and her two children in the movie, boy and girl, blindfolded. Photo via Netflix under the Creative Common License.

By: Hillary Wolanski, Reporter

February 4, 2019

Bird Box was released onto Netflix on December 21, 2018. The movie includes famous actors such as Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, and John Malkovich. ...

“A Christmas Story” is not a Christmas story at all

This holiday movie is set in the 1940, but was released on November 18, 1983.

By: Katie Richards, Reporter

December 23, 2018

The 1983 holiday classic, A Christmas Story, may be anything but what the title suggests. Synopsis Set in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana, the movi...

Netflix new movie ” The Princess Switch” won’t hit classic status

Photo via Netflix Films under Creative Commons License

By: Sasha Chiriboga, Reporter

December 12, 2018

On November 16, 2018 Netflix released a Christmas movie named The Princess Switch but it didn't give viewers the Christmas feels. Summary This movie...

“The Incredibles 2”: A look at the long awaited Pixar Sequel that is breaking box office records

By: Bryan Barros, Spring Reporter

June 20, 2018

Overview Since the Parr family left us hanging 14 years back, The Incredibles 2 has managed to captivate both the youth and young adults. When a mole-like ...

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania is hauntingly mediocre

October 30, 2017

In 2012, Sony Pictures Animations released Hotel Transylvania. The movie stars Adam Sandler, as Count Dracula and Selena Gomez as his daughter Mavis. ...

Rogue One Review Thumbnail

Rogue One is out of this world

December 22, 2016

In the first Star Wars movie, the Rebellion says they stole the Death Star plans. However, they never explain how. Rouge One highlights the extraordinary...

Snow falls as the Kranks celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

“Christmas with the Kranks” is a holiday bore

December 7, 2016

Christmas with the Kranks, based on the novel Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, is a Christmas comedy movie that came out on November 24, 2004. Joe Rot...

Beetlejuice: Another smashing hit from Tim Burton

The smashing 1988 hit, 'Beetlejuice', is another success for Tim Burton.

By: Sarah Soos, Fall Reporter

October 25, 2016

Tim Burton explores the world of ghosts, the underworld, and the talking dead as he directs Beetlejuice, a 1988 film, starring with Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis. The...

Photo Via under the Creative Commons License.

Monster House: a Halloween throwback worth watching

October 24, 2016

Monster House is an animated family horror comedy film that came out on July 21, 2006. Gil Kenan directed the movie, Image Movers and Amblin Entertainme...

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