The netflix movie that broke records, Bird Box


Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and her two children in the movie, boy and girl, blindfolded. Photo via Netflix under the Creative Common License.

By: Hillary Wolanski, Fall reporter

Bird Box was released onto Netflix on December 21, 2018. The movie includes famous actors such as Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, and John Malkovich. Bird Box is a total of 2 hours and 4 minutes, which you’ll spend most of the time on the edge of your seat.


The movie begins with the main character, Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock) with two little kids running through the forest very confusingly. Which also leads you to wonder, why do they have blindfolds on? Leaving you confused, the movie rewinds back 5 years starting from the very beginning where Malorie and her sister go to check on Malorie’s pregnancy at the doctor’s office.

When they leave the office, an outbreak strikes. There was something in the air, but nobody could tell what it was. Slowly, but surely the more and more people that look into the air, they die by committing suicide. It’s extremely strange because in the movie you do not see anything in the air, but if you look you will die. This idea leads to the exponential rising of the story and the plot extends making a very intense movie.


Once the movie hit Netflix, it broke many records. Bird Box holds the record with more then 45 million Netflix accounts watching the film within the first week. It was one of the quickest, most watched movie on Netflix. Keep in mind, this also doesn’t count the amount of people that share an account, so it’s probably double the amount it says it is.

The film also left people wanting to then try a challenge. In the movie, they have to wear blindfolds to hide their eyes from seeing the entity that kills them. In an attempt, many people wanted to put themselves in Malorie’s shoes. The trend grew tremendously with tons of people posting videos of them wandering different locations, but blindfolded. It was to be one of the most dangerous trends leaving many people getting hurt.

With the movie releasing, then came the jokes about it. There were many memes about Bird Box that left people not knowing what the meme meant and watching it again. I also believe that this is what made the views go higher and higher. Although after a while, the jokes and memes, in my opinion started getting annoying and over used. The jokes make me want to put a blindfold on so I don’t have to see them anymore.


In conclusion, this movie is a brilliant idea. Many, including me, believe that it was like a version of The Quiet Place. The Quiet Place has the idea and plot of Bird Box except you don’t talk or you die. Bird Box was released after this film though leaving many thinking it was a rip off with sight instead of noise.

The movie is also rated R so it is for sure not an appropriate movie for children. It also has lots of death, mostly including suicide. If you plan to watch with someone who may or may not like the thought of suicide or death, this is not the movie for you.

No matter what accusations it may claim or say, I agree that it was a good movie. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. The idea and directing of the movie was also very thought out and planned greatly. The ending had me screaming and then personally confused and took me a second to understand, but once I figured it out, I thought it was a great movie.

Are you interested in watching the film now? Time to get your blindfolds ready!