How good is the romance movie, When Harry Met Sally?


Photo Credit: photo via MGM under creative commons license

The perfect movie for people who love the ‘strangers to friends to lovers’ trope.

By: Daniella Albuquerque, Reporter

When Harry Met Sally is a romance/drama/comedy film.  Columbia Pictures, MGM/UA Home Entertainment Incorporation, released it on July 21, 1989. The movie was directed and produced by Rob Reiner, and co-produced by Andrew Scheinman. Meg Ryan (Sally) and Billy Crystal (Harry), were the lead actors. Rotten Tomatoes rated it 91%, and the audience rated it 89%.

Rating and where to watch:

Rating: R (suggested language, frequent reference of sex)

Streaming: Apple TV, Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO Max


It is the year 1977, Harry and Sally just graduated from college. The two of them were introduced to one another by Harry’s girlfriend.  Both of them had their hearts set on New York, and Sally offered to take him. It was a long car ride from Chicago to their destination, and they had an argument along the way.

The center of the argument was about how men won’t be friends with women, and not want something more. Sally disagreed with that saying, and Harry kept trying to prove his statement. When they arrive at their destination, they go their separate ways.  Ten years later, Harry and Sally run into one another at a bookstore. They spend a day with each other and talk about the last couple of years.

Both Harry and Sally open up about their failed relationships, and decide to wait before they try again. From there, they begin a friendship, and try not to let their feelings get in the way of their relationship.


I honestly loved this movie! If you are a hopeless romantic like me, this movie is for you. I tend to dislike movies that talk a great deal of sex, but this is an exception. As the movie progressed, I understood why they mentioned the topic a lot. It helps us to understand the main characters and their perspective on love.

Reiner did an amazing job when he picked Ryan and Crystal to be the lead actors. In some cases, there are movies and shows where actors aren’t believable with their ‘love’ for one another. Like when the audience can tell they are faking their feelings, it destroys the whole purpose of  the movie.

But Ryan and Crystal do a great job in convincing the affection they have for each other. When both of them were on screen together, you knew that the chemistry was going to be there. Even in the beginning, where Ryan’s character is supposed to not like Crystal’s, you knew the way she felt by the tone of her voice and the way she looked at him.

My favorite part of the movie is when they brought in older couples. Every couple of scenes, a new couple would give a blurb about their story. Their love stories were interesting, and I was flabbergasted at how different things are now. In the past, you would date someone for a month or so and ask them to marry you. Now, you wait at least three to four years.

One part I wished they would’ve included, was more details about their life after they got married. I would’ve liked to know if they had kids, rather than what cake they had at their wedding.