“You’ve Got Mail” is great for an autumn season rewatch


Photo Credit: photo via Warner Bros. under creative commons license

“You’ve Got Mail” is an adaptation of the 1940 film, “Shop Around the Corner”. Which is based on the 1937 Hungarian play by Miklos Laszlo, “Parfumerie”. 

By: Rachelle Saerang, Editor

“You’ve Got Mail” is a heartwarming classic that lasts generations. An enemies to lovers modernizing love story where the two are bookstore rivals. 

Starring Tom Hanks as Joe Fox and Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly, the movie debuted No. 1 when it first released in 1998. Previous to this movie, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have worked together in “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Joe Versus the Volcano”. “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail” are both rom-com classics where Hanks and Ryan share on-screen chemistry. 

Where to Watch

Rating: PG for some strong language

Streaming: HBO Max, Apple TV, Amazon Prime


In the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City, two bookkeepers are getting ready for the autumn season. Kathleen Kelly is the owner of The Shop Around the Corner after her mother hands down the store. Her store focuses on children’s books where she reads to children from time to time. Her local, small business is known as a staple to the community. Kathleen Kelly is struggling to keep her bookstore afloat when another store opens across the street. Foxbooks is a chain bookstore owned by her new business rival Joe Fox. Fox has the life of “trust fund” privilege. After his father, he is next in line to inherit the corporate business. 

They first meet in person when Fox takes out his 11-year-old aunt and 4-year-old half brother for a day of fun. The three stop by Kelly’s bookstore The Shop Around the Corner for the kids’ story time. Fox and Kelly hit it off when he shares his unbelievable, uncommon relations with the children. When they bump into each other at a New York City book industry party, Kelly finds out that the man who visited her store is actually her Joe Fox. They explode at each other when Kelly accuses Fox of spying on her business. 

However, when they meet online they begin to fall for each other not knowing the other is their competition. The two send emails everyday, each day with something new. They don’t share personal information that may expose their identity, but small daily occurrences or rants that share something more vulnerable. When one proposes to meet, the two contemplate on leaving their current partners for a stranger they’ve only met online, unknowing the other is their competition. 


“You’ve Got Mail” is the perfect movie for the start of the autumn season. The movie shares the fall trees and clothing scenery unique to New York City. The struggle for the neighborhood’s customers may speak to the huge corporate companies that try to buy out small businesses. This is when a company opens a bigger store offering discounts which takes customers from small enterprises. This drives out the profit of a mom-and-pop forcing the owners to sell to the corporate companies. 

IMDb rates the movie 6.7 out of 10. The comments note the chemistry between the characters and the warmth and happiness viewers felt after watching.

The 1998 is a great rewatch every time the fall season comes around. It’s great for anyone that enjoys the enemies to lovers trope and meets online couples.