Regular Show Thanksgiving special ages like fine wine

By: Dylan Maltez, Reporter

Cartoon Network was in the prime of its modern era with shows like Regular Show in 2013. It had one Thanksgiving episode in eight seasons, which is still a masterpiece today. 

Regular Show background

A mature yet childish show being anything but regular, it caught on with a lot of fans young and old. After its release twelve years ago, it still has a hardcore fanbase. It focuses on a park and the adventures of its workers. It centers primarily on Mordecai and Rigby, but many other characters are mentioned. However, most of the events that take place start off normal but quickly turn fantastical. 


In November of 2013, Cartoon Network and J.G Quintel released  The Thanksgiving Special. The plot is simple: Mordecai and Rigby play foam football. The football goes into the kitchen of their shared house and destroys all of the Thanksgiving food the rest of the park group made. Benson, their boss, is upset by what they have done. So, he makes a pact with the rest of the park group that they all have to go on their own to get separate thanksgiving foods. Each of them have a wild journey to get their food.

Muscle Man and High five Ghost

Muscle man and Hi Five Ghost are other characters in Regular Show. They go to a store and see a football player and call his touchdown dances lame. Muscle Man doesn’t know that the football player, Brock Stettman, is right behind him. Brock and Muscle Man go up against each other in a dance battle and whoever wins gets the dish, so this quick scene is funny because scenes with Muscle Man are funny most of the time because he is a comic relief character.

Skips, Pops, Benson

Three of the other support characters, Benson, Skips, and Pops, go to get a turkey. The task is quite simple, but this is where you truly see how unpredictable Regular Show can be. As they are walking out of the store, they see a real Mohawk Indian, a pilgrim, and a person dressed in a turkey suit. They steal the turkey from Pop’s hand and try to make him chase after it. The scene is entertaining because of its incredible silliness and mild violence.

Mordecai and Rigby 

Mordecai and Rigby are up to their usual antics. The duo enters a singing contest to win a Turducken. Because it’s a television show, Mordecai and Rigby win. However, the turducken gets stolen by a rich collector Richard Buckner. He takes it on a blimp and tries to get away. Mordecai and Rigby get on a chopper to get their Turducken back and successfully do so. The group saves thanksgiving in the end, and the park group is able to eat dinner happily with their family.

My opinion 

As a person who grew up with this show, it really can never get old. Regular Show is one of those shows that gets better with time. It’s a show where I can put on any episode and enjoy it. This episode is different. This shows how much of a wacky show Regular Show is, and how Quintel had fun with it. With a topic like Thanksgiving, I would give this episode a nine out of ten. It’s a really enjoyable show.