Is this Franchise Screamed Out?


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: photo via Paramount Pictures under creative commons license

Scream VI will soon pass Scream (2022)´s Global Box Office, in a matter of a few days.

Paramount Pictures released “Scream VI on March 10, 2023.   Matt Bettinelli-Oplin and Tyler Gillett  directed and William Sherak, James Vanderbilt, and Paul Neinstein produced the movie.  Melissa Barrera (Sam Carpenter) and Jenna Ortega (Tara Carpenter) star in the film. Rotten Tomatoes rated it 77% and audience rated it 92%.

In order to watch this movie, you need to watch “Scream” (2022). The film features the original cast as they help Sam and Tara survive the one thing they know best, Ghostface. But this time it is different. Instead of attacking people who are close to the characters, they are killing anyone who is related to the first survivors of 1966. Tara will do anything to protect her little sister, even if it means embracing the one thing she hates: her legacy. So how is Tara and Sam tied into all of this? Who are they to the original characters and how are they going to survive the obstacles being thrown their way?

Rating and where to watch:

Rating: R (Foul Language Throughout| Lots of Gore| Strong Use of Violence|Temporarily Drug Usage)

Genre: Mystery|Thriller|Horror

Where to Watch: In Theaters and Vudu

Length of Movie: 2 hours 3 minutes


A year later after the Ghostface killing spree, Tara, Sam, Mindy (Jasmin Brown), and Chad (Mason Gooding), relocated to New York City for a fresh start.  Tara and her two friends were living their lives at college. Meanwhile, the past haunted Sam. Because of the internet, society  began to believe that Sam orchestrated the killing spree just so she could be the hero.

Ghostface resurfaced in New York City leaving the group feeling unsafe. It did not just begin to kill again, but left evidence to make it seem that Sam was doing it. Because of an ongoing case, Sam could not leave New York City. How is Sam supposed to protect herself, her sister, and her two friends if she cannot leave the city?


The producers delivered another great movie to continue with the franchise. This movie is not like the others that came before it and that is what I like. With the other movies, you could easily figure out who Ghostface was just because it was always the friend and the lover. But this one was unexpected. When they reviled who was wearing the Ghostface mask, I was in complete shock. I would have never guessed it from how the character was helpful throughout the film.

I also like how Sidney Prescott (Neve Campell) did not feature in this film. Yes, she is the one who started Scream, but does she have to be in every film? That also goes with Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox). It made no sense as to why she was in the film. The story would have been just as good if she was not featured because she literally appeared on screen for 10 minutes. Her contribution to the whole plot was unnecessary. All she does is try to make money off of others trauma and air it on her weather show.

My favorite part of the movie was whenever Ortega and Barrera were on the screens. Their acting was through the roof and I was not even surprised about Ortega´s performance because she is known for bringing her acting to the next level.

Is this the end?

Even though this film was outstanding, I think that it’s time for the ” Scream” franchise to come to an end. Yes, the producers and directors of the films have made a ton of money, but when will enough be enough? Soon the audience will become bored of the same scenarios and that is exactly what the franchise is. There is really nothing too new about the film because it is always the same thing: attempted murder from a person in a ghost mask.