Channing Tatum will steal your heart in Step Up


Photo Credit: Photo via IMDb

Step Up stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor

Step Up is Duane Adler’s most famous romantic dance film. It will encourage you to discover your inner dancer and Channing Tatum will steal your heart in Step Up. 


Released on August 11th, 2009, Step Up encourages its viewers to take risks. The protagonist, Tyler Gage (played by Channing Tatum), is a troubled street dancer that receives a life-changing opportunity.

Tyler and his friends, Skinny and Mac, get caught vandalizing a stage set at the Maryland School of Arts. He immediately takes the fault and saves his friends from future trouble with the cops. As a result, Tyler must complete 200 community service hours to help pay for the damage he’d done.

He spent his afternoons washing windows, mopping floors, and most importantly watching Nora Clark (played by Jenna Dewan) dance. Nora Clark is a gifted ballet student who is in the midst of casting for her senior piece. Furthermore, Nora’s original partner sprained his ankle and is unable to dance for multiple weeks. Tyler sees the stress in Nora and offers to help, and they soon grow an irresistible connection. Moreover, Channing Tatum will steal your heart in Step Up as he portrays the irresistible bad boy.

This film is rated PG-13 and is the perfect movie for young people to watch with their friends. However, this movie does contain triggering scenes such as death and gang activity.


Unlike most romance movies I’ve seen, Step Up has a unique plot that truly connects to me. Usually, romance movies will show a variation of Romeo and Juliet. Two star-crossed lovers that can’t be together create anything but unhappiness and sorrow within viewers. However, none of these affected me as much as Step Up did. The amazing dancing as well as the way it teaches the audience to put their ego aside to obtain more opportunities is unmatchable.

The soundtrack enhances the film’s quality even more than normal since it is based on dancers and artists. It causes the viewers to feel that emotions being displayed on the screen and compliments the scenery perfectly.

The message about taking risks and exerting one’s artistic personality has stuck with me ever since. It makes me appreciate the art world and motivates me to keep being active in my dancing. It also taught me to never be afraid or embarrassed about being a dancer because it is brilliant and universal.

Overall, I rate this movie 10 out of 10. It’s so heartfelt and deep, it takes its viewers into another world. It perfectly captures the essence of two amazing dancers uniting to create something unique and special. It reinvents what it means to connect with someone on an emotional level while shifting the focus away from being a “basic” romance movie.