Warriors’ road to an unsurprising 3-peat


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Licenses

Hyping up the players as they enter the court, the sold out Oracle Arena can't wait for the last regular season game.

By: Atif Warraich, Reporter

The Golden State Warriors are looking forward to lifting their third straight NBA Championship, as they clinch the Western Conference once again.

The Warriors are ranked first in NBA Western Conference this year. With just a few days to go in the playoffs, the team is ready and as strong as they have ever been.

A team of five All-Stars

Shooting 54% since he got contacts, Warriors Gaurd Steph Curry takes a three to give his team the lead.

First of all, the Warriors will 3-Peat because the starting five for Golden State are all NBA All-Stars. DeMarcus Cousins returned from his injury on January 19 2019. This marked the first time since the 1975-76 Celtics that an NBA team had 5 All-Stars as their starting five. They have too much fire-power when it comes to scoring, which is why they are ranked first offensively. Also, with the defensive capabilities of the team, led by Draymond Green, nothing can stop the Warriors. “Defense is the best offense,” the old saying goes. This team is great on both sides of the court – defense and offense.

Experience and team chemistry

Second of all, Golden State Warriors have the most experience and best team chemistry out of all 30 teams. The experience comes from going to 4 straight NBA Finals, and winning three of them. Two of which were back to back. The team chemistry is also phenomenal. The players have been playing together at a championship level for a number of years now. They know each other’s style of play and know exactly how to play under any given circumstance in the game. In addition, when your teammates are Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson, the players are motivated to play at a new level.

Coach Steve Kerr

The third reason is that they have one of the most experienced coaches in the league, Steve Kerr. Kerr is an 8-time NBA Champion, five times as a player, and three times as a coach. During his youth, he won three championships with the Chicago Bulls, and two with the San Antonio Spurs. He also managed to get three of the last four championships as the head coach for Golden State. He has been great on and off the court when it comes to the NBA. Kerr’s resume is filled with many great accomplishments. In the Steve Kerr era, the Warriors are 322-88 out of 410 games in five seasons. This win-loss ratio set a new record in the NBA for most wins in 5 seasons.

Home-court advantage

Another reason the Golden State Warriors will 3-Peat is that they will have home-court advantage for 4 out of the 7 games, for most of the bracket. This is due to their impressive regular season record of 57-25. Which is the third highest in the league. This usually helps most teams, due to referee bias and the psychological impact of playing in front of your own fans at your own court.

The Golden State Warriors are destined to 3-Peat, due to the aforementioned reasons. In the first round of playoffs, they will face the Los Angeles Clippers. According to the Warrior fanbase, the Warriors have brought out the brooms, and are expected to sweep the LA Clippers 4-0. As the NBA playoffs are coming up, the players are ready, the coaches are ready, and the fans all over the world are ready. Are you?