The Alchemist takes you on a journey to your heart


By: Camilla Wnek, Reporter

The Alchemist is a novel by Paulo Coelho, Brazilian Lyricist and novelist.  The novel may seem like another boring old-fashioned work of literature, but that is only to the one who hasn’t read it yet!  It is a book suitable for anyone who wishes to be enlightened.  From young teens to  grandparents, The Alchemist and its themes has been making itself well-known among many different crowds.


The story follows Santiago, a young Shepherd who ventures through the fields of Andalusia.  He desires to travel the world and feels he is worth for so much more than just being a humble shepherd.  His comfortable life changes once he decides to get advice about his dream, his dream about a great treasure.  Upon meeting different accidental strangers, he realizes that everything happens for a reason- the universe never makes any mistakes.  Santiago embraces a journey of trust, risk and truth.  He ventures from his Spanish homeland, through the Saharan Desert to Egypt to find his treasure.


This book is recommended for ages 13 & up simply due to the advanced vocabulary (some younger audiences may not understand the terminology).  This book is highly recommended for someone who wants to undergo a spiritual journey to self.  While reading about Santiago’s journey, the reader also undergoes their own journey as they relate to the protagonist.

The Alchemist is a pretty short novel, being about 160-200 pages depending on the physical size of the book.  Despite its short length, it is enough to tell a descriptive adventure of reaching your highest potential.

Audience/ Readers’ Opinions

The Artifice, a popular culture sight, questions the growing interest of audiences into the themes of the novel.  The Alchemist promoted many themes of the “holistic” culture through popular media like meditation, yoga and energy.