Black Friday Shopping

By: Olivia Bryant, Reporter

The night of Thanksgiving starts the Christmas season and a lot of shopping. But this year was a little different not only were there sales on Black Friday but even before then.

Black Friday Sales occur before Black Friday

Usually, the night of Thanksgiving starts all the black sales, but this year they started a bit earlier. Since Covid-19 started there have been a lot of restrictions like how many people can go into a store and how close you can get to another person. This makes it hard for stores that usually have lines outside the store and having it full inside to get the same amount of customers. A lot of people get nervous with Covid-19 and don’t want to stand in line and wait to get inside. So a lot of stores started their sales earlier than Black Friday. This way they can get the same amount of customers and will still make their money. One store I know that did this is Best Buy. They were a hot spot during Black Friday and next year they plan to make it even bigger. 

Best Buy says, “We’re determined to make next year’s after Thanksgiving sale even more memorable. So, make sure to drop November 26 into your calendar for the Black Friday 2021 sale.” 

Enjoy shopping from home

Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday which is all the sales just online. Some people enjoy this more because they don’t have to leave the house and can stay home on Friday after eating a big meal on Thursday. The malls this year were packed but not like they usually are. Even though there are sales in-store on Friday people shop from home with the sales online. This year a lot of people did this which is another reason stores did their sales early. Another conflict of Covid-19 is mail gets backed up a lot. Packages take a little longer than they usually would since so many people are ordering online. Amazon is a huge company and just this year their figure went up 60 percent.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most popular shopping days no matter if it’s in-store or at home or even with a global pandemic.

Are the deals worth it?

These are suppose to be the best sales of the year. A lot of stores have amazing sales, some have been up to 60 percent off or more. The stores I have shopped online were Macy’s, Fashion Nova, Best Buy, and a few others. Everyone buys from Best Buy during these two days because of how good these sales are. Everyone loves electronics especially at reasonable prices. Macys has great sales when you want clothing like Nike. The sale prices compared to the regular prices are unbelievable and just makes you want to keep buying.