Coping with a break up

Because of the high social standards Valentine’s Day brings, relationships tend to end more around this time.

If you have ever been heartbroken, you know how hard it can be to cope with it. It is a feeling that cannot be described in words. People often overlook the pain that a breakup can cause. Of course, every break up is different, but they are never easy.

The Beginning 

The beginning stages of a break up are the worst part. When it first happens, you will usually be in denial and not think it is real life. As it all starts to sink in, the pain will start. The thought of that person who has always been there suddenly missing is not an easy thing to process. If the bond you had with your partner was strong, you will feel a sense of emptiness. The emptiness that you will feel feels impossible to fill. 

Distract and take care of yourself

Being heartbroken will leave you overthinking everything if you are all alone. The best thing you can do is distract yourself by spending time with people who make you happy. You have to try to always stay on your feet. Granted, there will always be days where you wake up and want to stay in bed all day because you have no motivation to do anything. Although those days are really hard, try your best to get out of the house because the more you distract yourself, the easier it will be in the long run. 

The most important thing to do is to take care of yourself. It is proven that going through a breakup can lead to weight loss and a change in eating habits.

In the article ¨The Truth About Why a Breakup Can Cause Weight Loss¨ by Malia Frey, she says ¨Both experts say that the psychological and physical changes that occur during a breakup can easily result in changes to your regular eating habits—either a reduced appetite or avoidance of eating altogether.¨

Even though it can be so challenging sometimes, you cannot let anything get in the way of taking care of your body. Not only do you have to take care of yourself physically, but also mentally. Your mental health is just as important or maybe even more important than your physical health. If you are mentally not okay, you will never be able to tend to your physical health. 

Worry about yourself and your future

The absolute worst thing that you can do while going through a break up is worrying about what your ex is doing. This will hurt you and make the process much longer and harder. You need to worry about your future and think about what is ahead of you rather than what is behind you. You should try not to feel regret about the relationship because, in the end, it will teach you a valuable lesson. 

It is not certain that you will ever fully get through a breakup. Sometimes the times you had with that person or the pain that you felt sticks with you forever. I can promise you it gets better but cannot promise that it will disappear. The best way you can think about it is that it’s a part of life that everyone goes through no matter what. Everyone gets heartbroken at least once in their life whether it is a relationship ending, someone close to you passing away, or the end of a friendship. Heartbreaks can feel like never-ending pain, sadness, or emptiness, but it will get better and they help you grow stronger as a person.