Making relationships work during COVID-19


Photo Credit: Photo via Flickr under the Creative Commons License

Many have been using different video chatting resources to keep in contact with loved ones during this time.

By: Emily Spillar, Editor

During the time of COVID-19, we have learned how to live in a brand new world. This world consisting of social distancing, which is causing a strain on relationships.

Between friends, family, and romantic relationships you may have, social distancing is definitely hard to keep control of those relationships. Not being able to see your loved ones is very tough and may make it hard to keep in contact with some. However, there are a bunch of different ways that you can still communicate with the people you love during quarantine. Whether it’s videochatting, communicating from a distance, or text messaging, it is easy to still keep in touch with loved ones and stay safe.

Keeping in touch with Friends/Family

with permission from Mrs. McNamarra

There was never a point in time where we were not allowed to see our family or friends whenever we pleased. However, in the era of COVID-19, we need to learn how to adjust to these ways. One important, usually family, holiday that has passed during COVID-19 was Easter. Many did not know how they would still be able to communicate with eachother during this time. There were a lot of families that had virtual dinner with families. Which means, videochatting with your family while all eating together at the dinner table. This was not the ideal way to spend their holiday, but it keeps everyone safe.

One other big thing happening to many people right now, are birthdays in quarantine. Not being able to see your friends/family on your birthday is tough and usually something someone would never have to do. However, again, quarantine has restricted us from doing so. In exchange of spending time with friends/family on their birthday, many people around the globe have started doing little birthday parades. This includes driving past the house of the birthday boy or girl. Mrs. McNamara, an English teacher at Colonia High School, had a son who celebrated a birthday and recieved a birthday parade by his Boy Scout troop. He said it was the best birthday of his “whole life,” and that he enjoyed seeing his friends on his birthday from a distance.

Maintaining romantic relationships in quarantine

This is one of the toughest things, by far. One of the main parts of being involved with someone, is being able to spend time with them and do all the things you both love. However, couples around the world are having to reevaluate how they will communicate with eachother. One thing that has been keeping many relationships strong is videochatting (Facetime, Skype, etc.). While doing this, you are able to still have that connection with someone, you just don’t have to be sitting right next to them.

In a podcast done by Zoe Mitchell and Tiziana Dearing, they talk about how they keep their relationship strong while quarantined. Geena Garbarino, a junior at Colonia High School, also has to keep her relationship strong during this time. She stated that during in quarantine the for her to keep her relationship strong and healthy is through Facetime, and she does so almost everyday. Garbarino also mentioned that her and her partner will meet and keep social distancing distances, just so they can have the physical interaction with each other.

These times can be very tough. This obviously is not what any of us would choose as the way to spend time with our loved ones. However, if we continue to do the things mentioned, we will be able to fight this together.

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