Wonder Woman 84 wasn’t really that wonderful


Photo Credit: photo via flickr under creative commons license

Wonder Woman 1984 grossed $5.5 million domestically and $118 million worldwide

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic characters in American Media. So it’s only fair that she be accurately represented in movies right?

Wonder Woman 1984, WW84 for short, is a direct sequel to the 1st Wonder Woman movie. It takes place in the year 1984, as we see her still getting over Chris Pine’s character’s death from the first movie. Then one day a magic wish stone appears out of nowhere, and a desperate oil tycoon steals it to gain its power. He then goes around the world granting wishes, but he then takes things from the people who wished so he can gain power.

This is somehow causing the world to end, so Wonder Woman and a newly revived Chris Pine follow him to try to stop him. Along the way, they fight a bunch of people, including a friend of Wonder Woman’s who accidentally got Wonder Woman’s powers and who wants to help the oil tycoon.

They fail because Wonder Woman is losing her power, and the only way to get them back is to let Chris Pine die. He convinces her to let go, and she goes to a radar dish that broadcasts the oil tycoon around the world so that everyone can make a wish at once.

After a fight with a bad CGI cat woman straight out of that Cats movie, Wonder Woman confronts the oil tycoon. During their scuffle, she convinces the world to renounce their wishes because you can’t lie to yourself and it works. It works and the world goes back to normal, even the oil tycoon stops because his kid was in danger. A giant crisis is averted and the world is saved, hoorah.


This movie can be summed up in a single word, stupid. A lot of things that happen in this movie just leave you scratching your head and wondering if you really saw that happened. The scenes, in particular, are any time that Wonder Woman is flying. Those scenes in particular dropped my IQ points by about 30.

What’s worse is that the ending is somehow even stupider than that. My dumbed-down summary above cannot adequately describe how stupid the ending is. When the scene isn’t trying to be as stupid as it possibly can, things just happen to advance the plot without really any setup.

The actors were fine, Gal Gadot was fine, Chris Pine was fine, no one’s acting really stood out. They also got the Mandalorian to play the oil tycoon and an SNL actor to play the cat girl, and I had a good chuckle about that. Some good things were that the main villain’s motives were understandable, which is surprising for a DCCU movie as their villains haven’t really been the most likable. The other villain, the cat lady, was just a really petty character so I really didn’t like her.

Other than that this movie is just a big stupid blob of meh, and would be my least favorite movie if Trolls 2: World Tour didn’t exist. On a scale of 1 to 10, this gets a 1. Don’t watch it, please.