Stepping on the boardwalk for a taste of normalcy


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License

Due to COVID-19, boardwalks became ghost towns in 2020. How do they fair in 2021? Is it worth the trip? Is the boardwalk just like it was was- full of fun?

By: Niko DaSilva, Reporter

As the weather gets warmer and “normal” gets closer and closer, New Jerseyans and people from surrounding states get more and more open to going down the shore. Point Pleasant, New Jersey, one of the most popular beaches in the state, is starting to get more traffic as people get more and more comfortable going to places. But how is Point Pleasant? Is it safe to go to? Are attractions open?

In 2020, boardwalks and beaches like Point Pleasant were ghost towns. The people weren’t there, nor the fun energy of the summer. After a year, in 2021, it seems like the boardwalks are already gaining traffic. April did bring spring break for most, if not all New Jersey schools, after all. This meant that high school students wanted to go out and have fun during their week off. They missed the beaches from the previous year, and visiting Jenkinson’s Boardwalk was a good idea.

Review of Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in 2021

When I myself visited Jenkinson’s in the middle of April, I felt comfortable and safe. Sure, I did go in the evening,  but the atmosphere of a classic Jersey Shore boardwalk was there. The shining lights. The music of carnival games. The scent of cotton candy. The sound of whistling wind and crashing waves were all present. There was a taste of a return to normalcy.

Since it was outdoors and groups were spaced out, not a lot of masks were worn. People had masks on hand, but they didn’t feel the need to put them on due to the low attendance. In fact, my group of friends and I didn’t come in contact with another group at all. It’s safe to say that the closest we had gotten to another group was about 20 or 25 feet. With this safe distance and outdoor venue, it was perfectly safe to visit at this time, but I would imagine that mask-wearing will be enforced starting Memorial Day weekend.

Although mask-wearing was not popular at Jenkinson’s, the boardwalk in no way did not ignore the precaution. Signs were frequently posted alongside the railings closest to the beach, saying that masks should be worn, while also social distancing. Additionally, indoor venues like arcades had signs posted at the entrance saying that masks had to be worn in order to enter the facility, and hand sanitizer was available if one wanted some.

Jenkinson’s Amusement Park hours and operations

Unfortunately, the rides at Jenkinson’s Amusement Park are only open on the weekends in April, which is true up until Memorial Day weekend. After, they are open every day. This is due to the seasonal operations and that the colder months tend to be their slower months in terms of business. However, they were open all week the week I was on spring break with limited hours (12 PM- 6 PM), but as stated, I went in the evening and the amusement park was closed for the day.


Overall, I would say that people should visit Jenkinson’s Boardwalk at Point Pleasant Beach. It was nice to get out of the house and it was well worth the hour drive there. Even though the boardwalk didn’t have the same atmosphere as two years ago and years before, I will say it is slowly getting back to normal. The staff of restaurants and arcades were in high spirits and seemed happy that guests were returning back to the boardwalk, and I too can say the same.