Having fun at Six Flags in a Pandemic


Photo Credit: Photo by Flickr under the Creative Commons License.

A group of people in the popular amusement park begin to enter via car as they pay for parking.

By: Emma Nadella, Reporter

Even as the pandemic still proves to be a problem in our everyday lives, public places like Six Flags are opening and help keep everyone safe while they enjoy themselves. 

Last month, my family thought it would be a good idea to go back to Six Flags. We wanted to see how it is thereafter all that’s happened this past year. We’ve been to Six Flags in the past before, so we already knew what would be there and how to go about seeing what to do first. We figured however it would be smarter to buy the season pass since we go there a few times throughout the year. Also, as the rides may be fun, there are also some things I thought people should know when going there. I would keep this in mind for anyone who hasn’t been there yet or hasn’t been there since the pandemic hit.

Ticket options

There are currently three different ticket options online for Six Flags. There’s getting a membership, a season pass, or just a one-day ticket. If you really don’t go so often within a year, the one-day ticket would be good. However, it costs $34.99 for each one. The season pass costs $59.99 for each person who has it, however comes with benefits that last the whole year you get it. Then for the last option, you can get a membership that allows free admission for $6.99 a month. Considering how often you may go or who you bring with you, Six Flags gives some flexibility.

In my experience, my family thought it was smarter to just get the season pass for everyone. Even if it’s about $60 for each of us, if you do the math it’s really the cheaper option compared to the two others. There would be no point in spending about $7 for the membership. If you aren’t going every month or have a big family to make up for it, there’s little to no value in doing that. The same goes for the one-day tickets. It wouldn’t make sense to buy tickets every single time you get there that’s still about $35. The best value to get for your money would purchase the season pass.

Eat before you go 

Another wonderful trick to save yourself money when you go is to get food before you get into Six Flags. Whether it be breakfast or lunch, depending on the time of day when you go, you shouldn’t eat light or skip it before you go. Eat a good amount to where you won’t be hungry halfway through. Also, keep in mind not so much food that you feel you may throw up when you get onto the rides.

When we went, the food there was really overpriced and could be found way cheaper anywhere else. Even the vending machines there had the same high prices in drinks, which also didn’t work when we wanted water. My advice would be to just eat food before you go because they won’t let you bring it in at Six Flags. If you have a bag, maybe try to bring a bottle of water or two with you if you can. 

Less traffic for rides

One of the few benefits of being in the pandemic is the shorter lines. Before COVID-19 hit the entire world, these lines would outstretch with tons of people. Then if rides would break down, the lines would feel even longer to wait on. Now that people are more lenient on going out and preferring to stay home, there’s less of a worry. Although rides can still have their moments of being stopped for any faults, it’s still an improvement.

When I went to go on some rides with my sisters, the wait on them wasn’t bad at all. The longest I say we waited for was not even 10 minutes. Even for big rides like Superman and Green Lantern, there was little to no line in front of us. We managed to do all that we wanted to do without feeling pressured on feeling like we had no time to do anything.