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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Ayer’s Fury accurately depicts WWII

soldiers fury cannot be truly conveyed although the film does a very good job of it.
Photo Credit: Photo via under creative commons license.
soldier’s fury cannot be truly conveyed although the film does a very good job of it.

rDisclaimer: Fury is rated R and is not appropriate for all high school students. There is some foul language and gory violence. The video has been reviewed due to its historical content.

Fury entered  theaters Friday, October 17th of this year. It is a war movie that takes place in Nazi Germany during World War II and follows the struggle of five men who have to make it through a mission behind enemy lines with their tank called “Fury.”

Fury was directed by David Ayer, also known for directing Training Day and The Fast and the Furious. Ayer also wrote the script for Fury as a way to correct the current culture’s thoughts on WWII. There were five main characters in this film. **Wardaddy, played by Brad Pitt, was the leader of the tank; the tank is the main location of the movie. Boyd “Bible” Swan, played by Shia LaBeouf, was in charge of the tank’s turret and was known for being very religious. Michael Peña played “Gordo,” who was in charge of driving the tank. Grady Travis, played by Jon Bernthal, was in charge of the tank’s ammunition. Logan Lerman played the rookie soldier, Norman “The Machine” Ellison. The movie grossed $46.4 million at the box office and should be released on DVD on January 20, 2015 according to

Fury begins in a field in Nazi Germany. It is about five guys who consider their Sherman tank home as they fight all through Germany to help win the war. They are the best at what they do so the United States military uses them for special missions. They fight through various German battlefields to get to different United States military camps. They arrive at one where immediately their skill and experience on the battlefield is needed. The five men need to lead a platoon of four tanks to a field held down by German soldiers to rescue stranded American soldiers. This is the most suspenseful battle in the movie. The Americans take out all of the German soldiers except for their one tank which happens to be their most advanced tank with extremely thick armor. Wardaddy’s knowledge and skill leads the platoon to victory.

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After winning this battle, Fury moves on through Germany and captures a small town. They set up camp and stay there for a little while. Wardaddy and Norman run into some girls that refuse to leave their home in the captured town. The girls made them breakfast and they all started to talk, although the girls spoke German and Norman didn’t.

The town is bombed so the crew hops into the tank and makes their way through rural Germany. They come to a remote abandoned house on a trail and decide to stay there for a while. Norman is on the lookout for German soldiers when he sees a Battalion (120-400 soldiers) of German soldiers off in the distance. He warns the platoon and they start setting up for the biggest battle of their lives, 200 German soldiers against five Americans with a tank. The five soldiers put up a good fight but the end is inevitable…

This movie was executed very well. The dialogue consisted of lots of swearing which seems accurate when compared to a lot of other war movies. The costumes and makeup were really convincing. The soldiers really looked like they were covered in dirt like they would be when at battle for weeks on end. I really thought some of the actors had been at war because of how realistic they looked. This movie wasn’t that graphic when it came to soldiers being shot and wounded in battle but what it did show looked pretty realistic and not far-fetched. The only thing I didn’t like about this movie was that the computer animations like bullets flying and tanks getting damaged didn’t look all that realistic. Overall, I thought this was a great movie and would definitely recommend watching it.

Amy Pascal, the chief executive of Sony’s film group, feels that Fury could be up for an Oscar, maybe event best picture.

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Ayer’s Fury accurately depicts WWII