Crocs: discussing the hype


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License

Pictured are an array of the Crocs Classic Clog in a variety of colors. In recent years they have been increasingly popular.

By: Benjie Pabon

Has there been a shoe more controversial than Crocs? The shoe has been receiving increasing criticism for its special designs.

Croc origins

Crocs date back to 2002 by way of Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker Jr. Crocs began after the two had discovered an antimicrobial resin foam developed via a business enterprise called Foam Creations. They used this newly-developed injection-molded foam to make their first shoe, a water-proof boat shoe sketch referred to as the Beach. They delivered the shoe at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and offered it through 200 devices they’d produced.

The footwear had been a large success when you consider that it was bought by hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Despite numerous economic issues, the manufacturer appears to be recession-proof. In 2008, simply as the ultimate recession began, Crocs misplaced $185M, reduced about 2,000 jobs, and closed dozens of shops around the world. This left the corporation with heaps of surplus inventory and many ideas that this spelled the cease of the brand. But, Crocs subsequently bounced back.



Crocs are featherlight, mainly in contrast to the Goodyear-welted dumbbells people generally discuss. It uses a proprietary cloth they name Croslite, a “foamable EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)” which is increasing in a mold. The foaming method is what makes the footwear so light, which is perfect if you plan on being on your feet for a while. The progressive cloth additionally makes them…


There doesn’t seem to be many who’ll battle on how blissful Crocs are. The EVA cloth is not simply lightweight but additionally molds to your feet. They have been at one factor listed as a time-honored shoe by means of the American Podiatric Medical Association and are seen on the feet of many humans who work in difficult jobs that require all-day standing.

Waterproof and breathable

The signature whack-a-mole floor of the Classic Clog is what offers Crocs its wonderful look. They additionally permit your feet to breathe and water to drain easily, making them a perfect summertime shoe.

Easy to clean

Because they’re waterproof, that additionally makes them effortless to clean. Soap and water are all you need to keep Crocs clean whereas different footwear requires exclusive cleansing agents, brushes, and polishes to restore their pre-spill glory.


The Crocs Classic Clog expenses just $45. That’s about three times more cost-effective than a pair of Birkenstock Bostons, the clear competitor of the rubber clog.



While Crocs might not value you a whole lot financially, they ought to fee your reputation. This archived article from the Washington Post compares them to ‘chopped-off backyard shoes’. There’s additionally a Facebook group that has over a million users united in opposition to Crocs.

Not Reliable

If you are searching for a shoe that you can take to your neighborhood park and jog around in, Crocs don’t seem to be for you. The plastic/rubber shoe is cozy however virtually no longer the most reliable.

So, should you buy Crocs?

Yes. Yes, you must purchase Crocs.

Like many so-called staple and iconic garments, Crocs sees fame due to the fact of its utility. The footwear is extraordinarily practical, even if they’re absolutely goofy. They’ve been praised by many for their comfort and waterproofness and verified themselves in the field, an awful lot like a pair of Goodyear welted boots.

Though it might not be what is typically considered a basic look, the phrase goes that “form follows function.” If you are searching for a pair of footwear that have put in the time and get the job done, Crocs is it. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors.