Maximalist fashion trends that made 2022


Photo Credit: Cottonbro Studios via Pexels

In the year 2022, individualism ruled fashion. From rocking bright colors and pattern mixing, or minimal makeup, the spectrum grew in 2022.

By: Rachelle Saerang, Editor

From style aesthetics to makeup and brands, 2022 was a year of a variety of fashion trends. The past year, Ballerina Core and pearls on everything made fashion of 2022 over the top.


Ballerina Core

Inspired by the athletic wear of the ballerina profession, ballet flats, pink tights, shrugs, the sweetheart neckline, and bows are all the rage. The pastel garments are best described as dainty with tons of ruffles. 

Actress Elle Fanning is the Ballernia Core it girl. Typically coming from her dance class in ballet wear, Fanning incorporates practice clothes in her style wear. The Miu Miu ballet flat is a modernized version of the 2010’s throwback. Lyst’s Year in Fashion, Miu Miu is 2022’s Brand of the Year. The ultimate Ballerina Core outfit is a sweetheart neckline top with a knit shrug, ruffle mini skirt on top of pink tights and ballet flats. 


“Pearl-ed” Everything

Instead of bejeweling clothes and accessories with shiny stone, 2022 saw tons of pearls. On top of jewelry, pearls are on tops, skirts, heels, purses, in makeup, as far as wedding veils and even nail art. L’Officiel says, “The gemstone’s modern updates are much more youthful, playful, and allow for people to wear them in a variety of ways and styles.” The widely known pearl is mostly a white, glistening gem normally found in living mussels or oysters or fossils. Pearls have been used as jewelry for as long as time can tell. Fashion’s love for pearls were proven again in 2022. 


Clean Girl

Although actress and model Haliey Beiber often takes the credit, the Clean Girl look originates from Black and Brown communities. This aesthetic emphasizes a hydrating skincare routine for dewy makeup, hair care to achieve the sleek back hair and chunky gold hoop earrings. 

The makeup look requires minimum coverage. Only a little bit of concealer and light blush since the lips are the star of the show. Starting with a dark brown or black lip liner, lip gloss is the cherry on top. This is a classic look in many communities of color. Hair oils, often a topic of ridicule for Black and Brown communities, is now a popular way to keep hair silky and strong outside of these communities. Lastly, gold hoop earrings culturally ties with communities of color. Together, the simple look highlights the historic fashion of BIPOC.

The aesthetic has its problems though. Even though most of these trends originates from BIPOC, the most famous “clean girls” aren’t. Byride’s Ariane Resnick says “…despite the fact that clean girl elements like buns and gold hoop earrings were popularized by Black and Latina women decades ago. The most prominent ‘clean girls,’ famous and non-famous alike, are white.”



Always in trend, the all black outfits with silver jewelry are timeless. The goth aesthetic constantly comes into trend again and again because of its versatility. Corsets, leather, platforms and lace pairs perfectly with this style.

Known for his gothic label, celebrities are sporting Rick Owens on red carpets. One of the most credible actresses owning the goth look with Rick Owns is Jenna Ortega. She is the lead of the Netflix series, “Wednesday”, playing with the aesthetic of her role. Wednesday, the emotionless and ghoulish daughter from the nostalgic “The Addams Family”, wears collars, long black coats and big leather belts. Ortega wears tons of maxi dresses with lace, black platforms and smokey eye makeup. Wednesday’s personality translate outside of the screen with Ortega saying she relates to the character.


Diesel Resurgence

Originally peaking in the 2000’s for their denim, the brand’s resurgence in 2022 brought back their popularity. The Italian label now brings innovative, bold and retro-future looks onto their runways.

Under new Creative Director Glenn Marten, garments including jackets, loose jeans, and tube tops re-brands into their current experimental style. Diesel also features motorcycle jackets and metallic dresses. Most famously, the large sliver “D” logo is on almost every item. Escher Walcott of Refinery29 says, “Personally, I’m glad Diesel has made it back — it brings a playful, nonchalantly cool element to my wardrobe that I didn’t realize I’d been missing.” Although Diesel did not win the ultimate title, they were honorable mentioned in Lyst’s Year in Fashion 2022.