Most popular female hairstyles of 2022

By: Victoria Sanchez, Reporter

In 2022, many of Instagram’s most popular artists revived Y2K and 1980s hairstyles. Last year’s popular hairstyles included the shag, all-natural, modern-day Rachel cut, and the bob. As far as coloring, many raved over the copper and brown and blonde mix during the late fall into the early winter season. 

So, why were these looks trending?

Last year, influencers and infamous celebrities worked hard to make a name for themselves. Following the pandemic, many people sought to express their inner creativity. Of course, this can be accomplished through the use of hair, so people began to experiment with their hair. Also, people turned to vibrant colors as a form of expression. 

Madison Olivera, a Colonia High School student, says, “During the pandemic years, it was difficult to get inspired with my style. That’s why, when Instagram and TikTok influencers started introducing certain looks, I felt confident that I could replicate them.”

“I am guilty of using the all-natural look; teasing my hair a little bit and pairing it with chunky gold hoops really does create an amazing feeling for me,” she continues. 

Expressing her inner creativity with her hair is vital to Madison. She really felt encouraged by the 2022 trends and social media influencers.

Hair color creativity

In 2022, dyeing your hair was in style. The copper look and the blend of blonde and brown were a couple of fan favorites. Many seasons past year saw a climb in popularity for these bold yet sophisticated looks.

People of all ages supported hair dyeing in 2022 since the many looks offered a great low-maintenance appearance. Many people used hair coloring to stand out in a crowd. Chestnut brown and other dark hues were preferred during the winter. While crimson and burgundy tones were frequently seen in the fall. However, that doesn’t mean that these colors can’t be used all year round; in fact, that’s what makes them ideal.

Hairstyle classifications explained

The “shag,” or layered/messy look, was popularized in the 1970s and has recently made a comeback due to its movement. The shag looks good on almost everyone and is as attractive as it is popular.

“All natural” means exactly what it says. Last year, people wore their hair in whatever style they wanted. If you want to be different, go with your naturally curly or straight hair. Many people believe that this look is best complemented by a complex, colorful outfit.

The “bob” is that daring mid-life or quarter-life crisis to which many people turn. It exudes confidence and is extremely simple to style. It dates back to the 1920s and quickly gained popularity due to its convenience and sophistication.

During the fall and winter seasons of 2022, the copper color, burgundy, brown and blonde mix looked best. These styles were brought to life by many well-known artists. If you’re still looking for a change and aren’t impressed by the trends of 2023, look to 2022.