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Filmmaking industry: how its evolved post-COVID

Due to the launch of streaming, Disney has moved less profitable remakes of Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp to Disney+. Statista reported, 55% of people believe if remakes are made, they should be remade as close to their original.
Photo Credit: Photo via PxHere under Creative Commons Licence
Due to the launch of streaming, Disney has moved less profitable remakes of “Peter Pan” and “Lady and the Tramp” to Disney+. Statista reported, 55% of people believe if remakes are made, they should be remade as close to their original.

The state of the filmmaking industry has been up in the air for a few years. Films like “Top Gun: Maverick” soared past pandemic box office records, but later releases like “Bullet Train” didn’t perform as well. It’s increasingly difficult to assess where movie-goers’ interests lie.

Filmmaking industry favorites

In a 2018 study conducted by Statista, comedies, and adventures were ranked first. U.S. adults taking the survey were least favorable to horrors and musicals. According to a Google Form conducted, comedies took the poll by storm with 82.5% of respondents arguing comedies are the superior genre.

Comedies can be considered stress-relievers. Sometimes the best thing you can do after a stressful day is to unwind and watch something light-hearted. Humor can also be considered a coping mechanism for people who face day-to-day stress. Robert Half International conducted that “91% of executives believed that having a good sense of humor is important for one’s career advancement, while a majority of the respondents said that a good sense of humor and work ethic are two vital qualities they look for in a good leader.”

Comedies also allow people to embrace the lighter sides of intense situations. Feelings of laughter can boost positive mental health. Dr. Joti Samra, clinic founder of Dr. Joti Samra, R.Psych explains that while disorders like anxiety cannot be solved simply by comedy, it can definitely help with day-to-day trouble.

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She goes on to explain, “If we look at adaptive coping, she continues, through watching comedy we can keep perspective, add some lightness and have that air of gratitude because it can poke light at something and instill a positive emotion.” Perhaps comedies are best for the filmmaking industry.

Acts of smiling and laughter can lead to the activation of positive hormones.

Fate of theatrical experience

Many movie-goers are curious about the state of the theatrical experience. CNBC reported, “Since movie theaters reopened to the public in late 2020, the domestic box office has steadily recovered, generating significantly higher ticket sales each year. Last year, the box office reached $7.5 billion, up 64% from the $4.58 billion in ticket sales seen in 2021. But, it lagged around 34% from 2019.”

On a Google Form, 42.5% of respondents believe studios will be more cautious over which movies earn a theatrical release. Despite the streaming era dominating, 2023 is shaping up to be a strong revival for the silver screen. It’s been noted that variety is important when going to the movies. 2022 only released 16 major tentpole releases during the first quarter, and the box office tallied less 400 million dollars in ticket sales.

The same study, which polled 2,000 people, found that 75% of people want to go to the theaters more often, compared to 2022. 2023’s second quarter is shaping up to be big, with at least ten big releases taking the silver screen by storm. Films like “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” and “The Flash” are looking to take big leaps with audiences this summer within the filmmaking industry.

CNBC also reported that movie theaters were evolving. 2023’s box office has already seen some major success. 2023’s box office has racked up $958.5 million in ticket sales, nearly 50% in comparison to last year. It’s only down 25% from pre-COVID, 2019.

Premium options

Theaters are also investing in unique formats that make the movie-going experience better. Theaters are installing laser projectors that increase the quality of picture on screen, which may also lead to better cost savings. The more light created can make a film more appealing to movie-goers.

Film projectionists also believe investing in laser would allow theaters to pay less for air conditioning. Traditional light bulbs need to be replaced after 2,000 hours, and produce vast amounts of heat that more air-conditions are needed to cool a room. Laser is so nuanced, that years can go by without replacements.

Theaters are also making use of reclining seating for a relaxing experience. Consumers may feel better about watching a blockbuster in formats with reclining seating or laser projectors to make the experience more worthwhile. EntTelligence reported 15% of all tickets sold in 2022 were for premium screening.

Many movie-goers argue Dolby is the best format to watch a film. It offers cutting-edge visuals marked in 4K and produces four times more resolution than a traditional format. Dolby uses two projectors, and because laser doesn’t use light bulbs to brighten the screen, the picture is crisper.

Dolby also features sound that flows throughout the auditorium, called Dolby Atmos. Speakers can be found on ceilings, direct sound upward, and reflect throughout the theater to make sound immersive.

Arthouse films

Arthouse films are described as movies that focus on niche markets, rather than the mass majority of movie-goers. These unique films often focus on the experimental, and focus more on a director’s clear vision. Arthouse films are much more complex in nature, in comparison to blockbusters. They tend to focus on intimate themes, have unique cinematography, and have deeper meanings.

Arthouse films often draw people away due to their unorthodox ideas and unique narratives. Auteurs like Ari Aster and Wes Anderson are known for their irreverent stories. Despite their themes, arthouse films have become more popular through the likes of TikTok.

46.9% of respondents on a Google Form responded they’d be interested in watching, but 24.4% of the respondents didn’t know what an arthouse film was. A24, an independent film studio, won 9 Oscars at the 2023 Academy Awards. A24 accomplished what other arthouse film studios have tried doing for years.

Los Angeles Times reported, “Everything Everything All at Once,” a frenetic multiversal, multigenerational story about a struggling Chinese American immigrant family, won seven statuettes at the 95th Academy Awards, making it the winningest film of the night.”

Brendan Fraser also took home the award for Best Actor for his performance in “The Whale”. A24 entered the 2023 Oscars race with 18 nominations, a personal feat for the studio. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is also the studio’s highest-grossing film, surpassing over $100 million at the worldwide box office.

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Filmmaking industry: how its evolved post-COVID