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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

How to style men for Thanksgiving

Wearing a flannel pattern is a safe bet when putting an outfit together that seems effortless. If you are more daring, purple is bold, dominant color that can make a statement.
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Wearing a flannel pattern is a safe bet when putting an outfit together that seems effortless. If you are more daring, purple is bold, dominant color that can make a statement.

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time. Why stress yourself out even more by having to worry about what to wear? Let’s style for Thanksgiving.


The weather influences what we wear on a day-to-day basis. When it’s cold out you’d usually go for a sweater or crewneck, If it’s hot I bet you’d go with a Graphic T-shirt and some shorts and call it a day. However, for events, I hope you dress to impress. The weather on Thanksgiving is going to be sunny with a high of 51 degrees and a low of 40 degrees. So I’d suggest going for something with long sleeves to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

Tight clothing is in right now so let’s go for a compression or thermal long sleeve so that it will be snug around your figure and make your muscles pop giving you a more defined upper body look. To go with your long sleeve we’ll pair it with a light jacket so that it doesn’t pull attention away from your outfit and you can stay at a comfortable temperature before you take your jacket off.


Usually, when we dress ourselves we wear colors that match the season we are in. Fall colors are dark not so vibrant colors like grey, black, dark orange, brown, and beige. So we want to keep this in mind when styling ourselves because the littlest detail can add a whole lot to your look. I’d say that we go with an ashy brown thermal to give that fall-rustic woods kind of feel. Yes, I know the color isn’t attention-grabbing but that’s the thing right there, beautiful things don’t ask for attention. Bright colors aren’t the epitome of fashion so get that bias out of your head.

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As we know it is going to be a little chilly on Thanksgiving so obviously we are going to look for pants to wear. I hope you won’t wear shorts on Thanksgiving day, you’ll be too chilly, and plus a thermal or compression shirt doesn’t go with shorts. Summers over, move on. We want to look put together for the event but not so put together where we look like we think we’re better than everyone else. Cargos are very in style and have been for the past two years, they also scream fall. Grey cargos are never a bad option to wear, they give off a calm yet put-together appearance which is what we want. These grey cargos paired with the ashy brown thermal is a classic color combination for a sophisticated look.


It is always better to accessorize than to de-accessorize. Let’s add a necklace and earrings to our look. If your skin is more on the white side Silver is your best friend. The silver having a lighter base would look better with white skin since the bases are similar to each other. If your skin is more on the tan/brown side gold is your soulmate. Gold has a bronze base kind of similar to tan skin so it wouldn’t wash out the skin the way silver would. Whatever skin color you may be doesn’t affect your outfit. For the earrings you’re wearing, let’s go more towards the studs instead of the hoops, we want the attention to be on the outfit, not our faces. Even though people will still be staring at them;).


Footwear has always been important since the beginning of time. Footwear was what kept our feet protected from the rough terrains our earth has. Even today in our modern world they are still important in both functional and aesthetic ways. This is why we should care about their appearance. Since they are on us 24/7. For our look let’s go for a neutral color to go with it. Beige New Balance 574s are the way to go. The whole outfit has a neutral base, the new balance 550s would pull the whole outfit together. Of course, you can go with a colorful show to add a pop to the outfit. But personally, I think we should avoid that and match the vibe the outfit is giving.

These pieces together will give you a sophisticated stylish look that your parents will love. It might even distract them from asking why you are single. You’ll look so put together that they’ll think you got your life together.

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Joseph Torres, Reporter
Joseph Torres is currently a junior at Colonia High School. Torres is a New Jersey native and a proud Puerto Rican. He loves spending his time socializing and being with his friends. He is also an aspiring model on the come up. Torres is naturally competitive and sees every task he has as a competition he must win. When he is older he has dreams of becoming a model to represent the LGBTQ Hispanic community. Torres is a genuine, confident, and kind person who is really easy to talk to. He enjoys writing, dancing, talking, and watching horror movies. He has a great fashion sense and gives amazing advice.

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