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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration


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Fall fashion trends resurface over the years

Did you know that 100 billion clothing items are created each year? Created on Canva by Jada Powell

Fashion trends are always changing with each passing decade and season, witnessing its own unique style evolution. The world of fashion has experienced significant shifts to keep up with the ever-changing demands and preferences of the modern consumer today.

2000s : Embracing Casual Chic

The 2000s marked the beginning of a more relaxed approach to fall fashion. Denim dominated the scene, and boot-cut jeans were a popular choice with both men and women. Layering things like hoodies, flannels and over-sized clothing were key pieces. On the accessory side, trucker hats, chunky belts and layered necklaces were all the rage.

2010s : Minimalism

The 2010’s witnessed a shift towards minimalism such as clean lines, neutral colors, and sleek silhouettes became highly sought after. The focus was on quality, with consumers opting for timeless and durable pieces. Skinny jeans and ankle boots gained a lot of popularity among women, while men embraced the concept of leisurewear, combining comfort and style. Accessories, such as statement handbags and dainty jewelry started to come into play during this time period.

2020s : Sustainability

As we continue through the 2020s, fall fashion trends have taken a more sustainable and expressive turn. With an increasing awareness of the environmental impact of fashion, consumers have gravitated towards ethical and eco-friendly brands. Replacing fast fashion with conscious choices, people are now investing in vintage or second-hand clothing, recycling styles from the past, and supporting brands that prioritize sustainability.

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Expression has also become a dominant factor in fall fashion trends. Bold prints, vibrant colors, and unconventional designs have gained traction. Tailored suits with unique cuts and patterns have become popular for both men and women, encouraging individuality and self-expression. Street-wear and high-fashion collaborations have resulted in exciting hybrids, merging comfort with glamour. Fashion does not have a label or gender, and you are able to express yourself fully through your clothing. 

Fall fashion trends have witnessed immense changes over the past two decades. From the laid-back styles of the 2000s to the minimalist approach of the 2010s and the sustainable and expressive nature of the 2020s, the evolution has been driven by societal shifts and changing consumer demands. As we move forward, the fusion of technology with fashion and a heightened focus on sustainability are likely to shape fall fashion trends, offering consumers a blend of comfort, style, and conscientiousness.

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Jada Powell
Jada Powell, Editor
Jada Powell is a senior at Colonia High School part of the Varsity Cheer leading team. Powell was a part of the Colonia High School fashion club and recently joined Black Student Union. She has plans on continuing her path with journalism and wants to create her own podcast. Powell wants to have a career as an on screen news reporter. Powell Powell enjoys hanging out with friends, going shopping and collecting vinyls. She has a bubbly personality and enjoys going out meeting and talking to new people. Powell has an interest in government and politics in the United States as well as other countries by watching and reading the news as well as documentaries.

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