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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Best of the Professional Sports

Photo Credit: Photoshoped by Bridget Trela
All the major accomplishements int the sports industry for 2014.

Throughout the years, sports have had their ups and downs. A lot has happened in the year of 2014; sometimes it’s not for the good. Major championships won, the underdogs prevailed, and there was the retiring of a legend. Unfortunately, we had teams this year that shows their flaws, fell after being on top, and some could not be with their team on the field.

World Series

With the surprising turn, the San Francisco Giants took home the title after 7 long games. Surprisingly, they were the team that was expected to lose. This is the true underdog story, they had nobody believe in them and they won.

The series was going back and forth between both of the teams. After the seven game stretches, San Francisco won with a 4-3 record.

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Sports fans were pleased to see that this was the year for the Winter Olympics. This year, the Olympics took place in Sochi, Russia. Compared to the last Olympic games in 2010, we had received the same number of gold medal (both years was nine). When it came to the silver medal, Team USA improved with receiving eight more medals than the previous year.

The stand out wins for Team USA was the women’s half-pipe and the ice danced mixed pair. The women’s half-pipe took home two medals. They achieved in receiving the bronze and the gold medal. Meryl Davis and Charlie White took home the gold in the mixed ice dance. It was the first time America won gold for figure skating since the 90s.

World Cup

The World Cup in Rio de Janeiro this year was another anticipated sporting event for sports fans all over the world. Unfortunately, the hosting country could not keep the trophy home. They were defeated in the semifinals to Germany 7-1. Germany made it through to the finals and competed in the championship against Argentina. The match was only completed by the overtime goal scored by Germany taking home the trophy.

Retiring Jeter

After completing 20 Major League Baseball seasons with the New York Yankees, it was finally time to sit the bench. Jeter, the Captain,  played shortstop while wearing the pinstripes and the number 2 on his back. He is humble and kind, the true image of what a Yankee is. Even competitors showed their respect by donating money to his charity before beginning the games of his final season. Wearing the pinstripes, Jeter had won 5 World Series Championships.

In his final game, he took one last walk around the stadium, taking it all in. It is a feeling, a sight, and a sound that can only be experienced by a few people. Once he got to his position, at the shortstop mark, he took a moment, composed himself and took one last look from that spot. It was an emotional day for everyone watching and it wont be forgotten.

Boston Red Sox

After winning the World Series last year, the Red Sox are considered the worst team in the major leagues. They finished in American League east with a record of 71-91. During the season, the Red Sox then traded two of their top players to the Yankees. After a season of success, one would hope to see them as a actual threat. Unfortunately they failed to reach the expectations of their fans. Will they pulled themselves together for the next season, or will it be just another easy season for other teams.


Like every year, the sports world shows their flaws. Multiple athletes have broken the rules and found themselves in the papers. Alex Rodriguez was suspended this season for the use of performance enhancing drugs. This is not the first time that he was caught either, this time he had a harsher punishment. Lets hope next season we will actually see him on the field. In the football industry, Ray Rice was punished for things that he did in his personal life. He was punished and served his time. Just because they are athletes, that doesn’t mean they are above the law and can break the rules. With these scandals, profession teams have begun to add and improve rules for the leagues.

Sports in the year of 2014 kept us on our toes. What will we expect for the 2015 year?


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Bridget Trela is a senior at Colonia High School. She is new to being a reporter but is always up for a challenge. She is captain of the girl bowling team. When she isn’t at school or at the bowling alley practicing, you can find her hanging with her friends at the mall. The most important thing to her is her family. Her favorite movies include “Divergent” and “Smurfs”. Something unique about her is that her birthday is January 1st.

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Best of the Professional Sports