Spring into this season with these prints


Photo Credit: Photo via Brave Girl Publishing under the Creative Commons License

Models wearing some of the latest 2015 trends.

By: Paige Nonnenmacher, Spring Reporter and Editor


There is nothing more classic in your spring wardrobe than floral printed dress, shirts, pants, shoes, etc. However, this year, stylists are taking an untraditional approach to the perennial spring choice.

Instead of soft, lady-like pastels, most floral designs are now showcasing richer colors, such as navy, burgundy, and even rusted orange. This new color scheme makes the transition from day to night effortless— no more outfit changes.

If you are looking for playful yet chic print to wear to school, work, or out on the town, then the floral pattern is sure to please.


Yet again, white is not a revolutionary fashion staple. However, this classic is surfacing in combination with bold colors—such as blacks, blues, and neon— and even more daring prints.

Black and white, while a wardrobe staple, is definitely bold. If you are a bit intimidated by this dynamic color-duo, try substituting a bright cerulean or deep navy for black. You can be a part of the trend, in just a more subtle way.

Tribal, stripes, and blocks have recently become exceptionally trendy in the fashion world. In order to suit each one of these patterns best and compliment the colors of clothing, numerous textures are being utilized to extenuate the style.


“Yellow is definitely not my color,” said Samantha Czapik, Colonia High School Senior. However, this year designers are set to prove you wrong.

There are a multitude of shades of yellow in the color scheme; the trick is finding the best shade to flaunt your skin’s undertones. Nikki Ogunnaike, from Glamor Magizine stated, “From amber and canary to saffron and marigold, trust that there is a shade of yellow for everyone.” If you are still intimidated to take a walk on the wild side, try accessorizing your outfit with a more subtle piece of yellow jewelry or a bag.

Army Green

Army, or military, green has reappeared in the fashion world. This grunge look has been publicized a multitude of celebrities and average fashionistas alike.

While some pieces have a literal utilitarian feel, you can pick up more simple jackets, pants, and many more articles in this faded olive green.


Gingham print, or a summery play on wintry plaids, has returned from the ‘90s era. This print is flattering on most body types, depending on the article you choose to wear. With all prints, there is always something that works best for someone.

Gingham has been seen on pants, full length skirts, and blouses. Also, this print looks great in a two-piece skirt and top combination, a huge 2015 trend.

There are still various other patterns, colors, and trends to check out this season. When it comes to spring, do not be afraid to start your wardrobe off anew.