Cluck-U Chicken, Is it worth it?

Cluck-U Chicken Famous Sign

Photo Credit: Faiz Silat

Cluck-U Chicken Famous Sign

By: Faiz Silat, Fall Reporter

Cluck-U Chicken is located on St.George Ave. in Colonia, NJ. It serves mostly chicken including chicken wings and chicken sand

Meaty Chicken Wings From Cluck-U (Left-Teriyaki Right-Sweet Chili)
Photo Credit: Faiz Silat
Meaty Chicken Wings From Cluck-U
(Left-Teriyaki Right-Sweet Chili)

wiches named “Cluckwiches.”

Cluck-U is a concept that began in 1985 at in New Brunswick, New Jersey when a college student decided that Rutgers University needed more than just pizza and burgers, and set out to create the best “The Best Buffalo WingerTM in the world”® available. In 1990 Cluck-U branched out to Maryland.

Cluck-U is located at a pretty good area and parking was no problem. As I entered the staff was sitting and didn’t sit us down or welcome us. As I sat down the place was clean and tables were nice. As I looked at the menu there was everything from chicken sandwiches to hamburgers to fried chicken and their most famous chicken wings named Wingers. I had ordered their chicken wings and a chicken sandwich. I had sweet chili and teriyaki wings and a Roman Cluckwich.

The food did come faster than expected and service was good after we sat down. Now when it came to the food it was pretty tasty. The Roman Cluckwich was a chicken sandwich with garlic sauce, marinara sauce mozzarella cheese. The sandwich was okay but, I wouldn’t have it again. I didn’t like it because the fillet of chicken was very chewy and they out too much sauce. Also the cheese was not melted completely. Now when it came to the wings they were fantastic. The chicken wings were very big and full of chicken. The sweet chili and teriyaki sauce was dripping and they were really juicy. I preferred the sweet chilli wings over the teriyaki ones because the sweet chili had a kick to it but the teriyaki was pretty bland.

Now when it came to the price it was a little expensive. Between three people the bill came out to $27 which I think is a little expensive. But the wings were great and the sandwich was okay. I recommend you go there but only have the wings. But if you’re trying to eat on a budget I wouldn’t recommend you going here. All in all, I give this place a 7.5 out of 10.