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The student news site of Colonia High School

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CBS new fall crime show Bull is a hit

Photo Credit: photo via under the creative commons license
Dr. Phil was the inspirtation for the TV show Bull.

In the new CBS television show Bull is about the Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) run by Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) a trial scientist.  

Trial Science is the study of jurors, lawyers, witnesses and defendants all to employ a win on the client’s behalf.  By using high tech data and digital forensics, Dr. Bull and his team take all the information and put it into a system called the matrix. The matrix is a tool that creates a mirror jury. A jury of citizens who are freakishly similar to that of the actual jury. Which is used to effectively predict what the real jurors will indeed pick.

“He knows what they’re thinking before they do.”

The TAC crew consist of neurolinguistics expert Melissa Morgan (Geneva Carr), Dr. Bull’s brother-in-law Benny Colόn (Freddy Rodriguez) former lawyer for the District Attorney’s office in New York, Professional Hacker Cable McCrory (Annabelle Attanasio), Former FBI Detective Danny James (Jamie Lee Kirchner),  and last but certainly not least Chuck Palmer (Christopher Jackson) former defensive back in college and later became a “fashion director” Palmer designs what the clients will wear before the court.

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Bull is less about who did the crime, and more on getting the jury to believe the defendant in the crime case. Former military, line of work, how many children they have, and gender, are all factors that TAC can predict will sway the jury. When in court, Dr. Bull will look at the jury and the scene will slow down. Dr. Bull can then envision what every juror is thinking, creating algorithms to sway the jury in his favor.

Dr. Phil McGraw is the inspiration for Bull.  McGraw before his days as TV therapist, was head of one of the most prolific trial consulting services. reported “McGraw was trained in forensic psychology and served as an officer of the court. Despite being court appointed, “We didn’t always get to pick our clients. But there were two types of people we wouldn’t represent; child molesters and drug dealers. Aside from that, we fought best for our clients.”  McGraw also says that clients he helped didn’t commit similar crimes again.

This isn’t Michael Weatherly’s first time acting in a crime show. Weatherly, well known for his role in the original NCIS as Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo (2003-2016). With features in NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. Other shows and movies consist of Dark Angel (2000-2002), JAG (1995-2005), Significant Others (1998), Loving (1983-1995), and lastly The City (1995-1997).

In the US 15.56 million people tuned in to watch the first episode airs on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. Sadly, the ratings dropped almost 2 million views from the first to the second episode. Ratings continued to drop eve more after the second episode into the third. 

However, some viewers still  keep coming back for more. Bull is a different side of the trending crime series shows. Rather than watching detectives come and break down a door, viewers watch a psychologist break down jurors psyche. These differences from shows like CSILaw and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds, it will help to put Bull on the map.

With the types of cases, the TAC crew takes on, Bull isn’t recommend for anyone under 13. If you are 13 and older or have a parent or guardian’s approval feel free to tune in every Tuesday at 9 pm EST on CBS.

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Adriana Daniel, Fall Editor and Reporter
Adriana Daniel is 17 years old and is a senior at Colonia High School. Daniel is a swimmer for the Colonia swim team and also President for the Guitar Club. She has been apart of the Guitar Club for four years. Daniel spends her summers working as a lifeguard and as a camp counselor, she also works as a sales associate at American Eagle. Daniel would like to become a lawyer and later on President of the United States of America. Daniel would like to go to college at the University of Vermont and then go to Georgetown for Law school.

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The student news site of Colonia High School
CBS new fall crime show Bull is a hit